6 Chest exercises to include in workout
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6 Chest exercises to include in workout

Chest exercises

Chest exercises

Chest is an important part of our body, people do like doing chest exercises on and off to get a better physique, however, working out just one part of the body will not be able to give you ample results. 

If you are looking to lose weight then you must consider working out as a whole, get on a good lifestyle, eat healthily and make healthier decisions for your body and mind. 

Today we will be sharing some easy and must-chest exercises that you can do to reduce chest fat if you like. All bodies are wonderful and it is a personal decision to change your body, do not ever feel inferior because of your body or your health, you have full control over your life and you can change anything and everything you want to. 

6 Chest exercises you must perform 

After talking about chest exercises in brief, let us get into all the individual exercises that you can do to improve your chest area. Chest exercises do require weights and rods so you can always buy them and do these exercises at home or you can also visit a gym to do chest exercises. 

Landmine Press

The first exercise is known as the landmine press. It is a simple yet innovative exercise created to help move the chest muscles. To perform this exercise, place a standard barbell in the corner of a wall to get full support. You can also use a landmine attachment for this exercise but a lot of gyms do not have a landmine attachment in that case you can use a barbell. If you wish to add weight then you can but we would request you to perform the first set without any weight on it.

Grab the weighted end with one hand then in a standing position push the bar upwards. 

Dip also known as Pec Variation

Dips look very basic and simple but trust us the basic and simple exercises will be highly effective and challenging. Find the nearest dip station and grip the equipment with both hands to keep it slightly further apart. Then keep your concentration on tilting your body downwards and not upright this will help you in fully engaging your chest muscles. You can repeat this 15 times into 3 sets.

Cable Crossover

A lot of people do not know but the beauty of cable crossovers is the different variations you can use to do on a single machine to train your chest muscles.

To perform the cable crossover, make sure you are bringing the arms towards each other forming an “X” shape at the end of each rep to stimulate your chest muscles. You can do 15 reps in around 3 sets this will help you in getting shape.


The pushup is one of the most basic bodyweight exercises around but often people are unable to perform it correctly. If you are bored of your regular push up then you can mix things up by doing push ups off a medicine ball or elevating your legs by placing feet on steps. 

You start performing the pushup with your arms slightly wider than shoulder-width make sure you lower yourself until your triceps are parallel to the ground. Keep your body in a plank-like position and make sure you hold your elbows as close to your body.

Floor Press

If you are tired of performing the regular bench press then the floor press can help you reinvent your way to completely break down all the barriers. Start floor press by simply lying with your back on the floor then get underneath the bar to perform the pressing movement. You can typically lift more weight with a floor press than you would be able to in the bench press. The floor press will definitely help you improve the lockout portion of the bench press if it is a weak portion for you.

BOSU Pushup

We are bringing you more variation in your standard pushup, the BOSU variation is a great exercise that works on the pectoral muscles while simultaneously engaging on the core muscle.

You can perform this exercise by setting your hands on the sides of a BOSU ball then slowly lower your body towards the base in a 4-second count then bring your body back up again in a slow manner. This unique variation is a great way to work your abdominal muscle and your chest muscle at the same time. 

Take Away 

Chest exercises do require assistance and equipment. You can always buy the equipment for your home or you can visit a gym. We hope you like all the exercises that we have mentioned above, do give them a try if you are unable to understand any of them, you can always watch youtube tutorials for the above-mentioned exercise.