5 Steamy Shower Sex Positions of All Time

Shower Sex Positions

Shower Sex Positions 

Shower sex is one of the most popular and the most intimate types of sex amongst couples. It can happen in a shower room, bathroom or even at home when you are taking a shower together. 

Shower sex is all about having fun! It is a great way to bring life back into your relationship and add excitement to your sex life. But if you are a confirmed shower sex virgin, here are some tips and tricks on how to make the most of this erotic experience.

Is It Safe to Have Shower Sex?

Usually, when couples are in a sexual mood, they do not care much about the place. They can turn any boring place into a world full of passionate love. However, before diving right under the shower for sex, one should analyze the risks associated with it.

Shower sex is absolutely safe and fun provided you take precautionary measures in order to prevent injuries and unwanted complicacy in your relationship. Yeah! You are thinking exactly what we want to convey. Essential bathroom equipment's and protection is a must for a successful shower sex experience. 

Shower sex can get boring if you have a confined space, so to spice things up, use water-proof sex toys. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that if you want to enjoy this kinky activity with your special someone, remember to be careful of where you place your toys and don’t let these toys become the reason for any injury.

Apart from these tips, we also recommend avoiding any complicated positions that can make you and your partner feel unstable or uncomfortable. Stick with easy and enjoyable positions.

5 Most Erotic Shower Sex Positions

With modern technology, setting a romantic mood by candlelight has become so in the last century. But to rejuvenate things in your relationship, you should definitely try out some incredible shower sex positions with your partner and level up the intimacy in your relationship.

Standing Doggy Position

Ask your partner to bend over and penetrate her from behind. Make yourself steady using the bath wall surface or whatever is more comfortable for you personally but it must give you the freedom to make pleasant moves.

Three-Legged Dog Position

Ask your partner to split her legs and hold one of her legs up in the air while you penetrate from behind.

This position requires some stability but once you get adjusted and comfortable, it is simply your bodies pushed up against one another while you spice up the moment.

Face-to-Face Position

Standing face to face, ask your lady love to split her legs and place one of her legs over your hip while you show her some of your breath-taking moves. Try this position directly under the shower and let the temperature of the room take a surge.

The Bathing Cowgirl Position

Use the shower sit for this position or if you don’t have one, simply bring a chair and keep it under the shower. Let your lady hop on you while you are sitting on the chair and make your impressive moves.

Taking it to The Ground

For this position, ask your lady to lie down on the floor shifting the weight over to one side so that you can lift one of her legs up. Turn on the shower slowly and slide inside your lady.

Take Part in Masturbation and Oral Sex

How do you feel about achieving a wild orgasm before you set off to work? Sounds great! Isn't it?

Just reach down and kickstart your self-love journey while your partner does the same as you kiss and make out. 

Oral sex in the shower can be fun and exciting as you do not have to worry about hygiene and cleanliness. It does not matter whether you are giving or receiving, it is important to utilize the grab bar while your partner squats down to do the deeds.

How to Improve Stability During Shower Sex?

The possibility of slipping during shower sex is high and to reduce the risk, you need to buy an affordable ant slip sticker for the floor of your bathroom from a local hardware shop.

Some companies also sell suction-cup devices that can make your shower game safe and fun.

Another useful product is a shower footrest. It typically looks like a ledge and can be used for multiple purposes.

A dual locking suction handle is another product that attaches to the wall of your shower and gives you a firm grip. All the aforesaid items can provide security and prevent injuries. So, do not forget to set up the safety equipment in the bathroom before you hit the erogenous zones of your lady love.

Take Away 

Sex in the shower is a matter of perspective; for some, it is sexual ecstasy, while for others, it is an absolute NO! So how does one know whether or not sex in the shower is something that they would like to engage in? Everyone's preferences are different and the question you need to ask yourself and your partner is that whether you are comfortable with the idea of having sex in the bathroom.

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