Why Don't Humans Have A Penis Bone?

Penis Bone

Why Don't Humans Have A Penis Bone?

The human penis is the external male reproductive organ that serves as the urinal duct, too. The main parts are the root called radix, the body called corpus, and the epithelium of the penis including the shaft skin and the foreskin called prepuce covering the glans penis, the head of the penis.

The penis is basically found in two forms. One is a flaccid penis and the other is an erectile penis. The natural-born penis is flaccid which on sexual mood arouses. To eject sperm from the testis's glands, the penis should be ejaculated to an erection.

Penis Bone

Penis bone which is also known as baculum does not present in human beings. The baculum is an extra skeletal bone that is not attached to the overall skeletal structure but floats daintily at the end of the penis. The absence of the baculum is one thing that separates humans from other primate animals.

Humans, placental Mammals

A man first is a fetus in the mother's womb. The fetus in placental mammals does possess a vascular organ along with the umbilical cord in order to gain nutrients from its mother body. The bone material in the penis is replaced with the vascular organ. Also that the fetus is delivered out through the elastic muscular vaginal cavity, an external bone in existence would block the fetus from passing out. The vagina is an elastic muscular canal with sensitive properties. Any external bone would damage the vaginal walls. With all the above reasons and factors, the human is made to be a placental mammal that does not have a penis bone.

Penis designed to insert into Vagina

The penis is a pendulum-like object and acts to and fro during its actions. The penis is born for the vagina and the vagina is born for the penis. The sole comfort of the penis is in entering the space provided by the vagina.

Erection is the way the penis is inserted into the vagina. The penis once inserted is subjected to touch the internal end, the uterus cavity. Erection increases the length and the width of the penis that it can satisfyingly enter the vaginal cavity, then passes through the cervix, and then successfully reaches the uterus cavity.

How the penis is changed from flaccid to erection with sexual intention, the same way, a vagina becomes wet and flexible to lubricate and relax the genitals in women. 

Vaginal intercourse is a heaven-like pleasure on the Earth and can be sensed in different angles, at different depths, with different viscosity.

The vagina is an elastic, muscular canal with a soft, flexible lining that provides lubrication and sensation.

An elastic muscular canal is supposed to intersect with the same kind of material. Otherwise, the vagina gets hurt. Fortunately, to human beings, the penis is erected to be a boner but not a real bone in the material. This special quality of penis satisfies the vagina with a bone-like stand in length and width but does not hurt the vaginal cavity with hard behavior that a real bone can do.

To feel vagina

A penis is supposed to be born with muscular ailments, alone. Otherwise, the penis friction into the vagina would not entertain the human mind. A man is made no different from women other than their genitals. However, both genitals are made up of the same material. One genital inserts and another genital is inserted, comforting each other at the same parameters.

Difference between Flaccid Penis and Erected Penis

A boner penis is an ejaculated penis. If a penis is a bone in material, there would be nothing titled an erectile penis. Sexual behavior would not be so much of interest to human nature with bone material in the penis.

To conclude, Penis bone makes a man go wild

The penis bone is generally found in wild animals. It enacts the animals to go wild during sex. They generally need long sexual hours during intercourse. The man with a penis bone would go wild and spend all his life doing sex alone. 

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