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Why does it matter if a guy orgasms quickly?

If a guy finishes quickly why does it matter

It may not be the end of the world if a guy orgasms quickly, but it can be upsetting if you're all worked up and not yet finished.

Knowing what it signifies when a guy leaves quickly will assist you have him stay longer for your mutual enjoyment. Continue reading below!

What does it mean when a guy finishes quickly?

Ladies, it's true that not all men think like sex machines. Unfortunately, a lot of males sack out quickly.

Here are 10 of the most frequent explanations:

1. Selfishness

The fact that guys aren't interested in the bedroom shenanigans of a long-term relationship is one of the main reasons that they climax so rapidly during sex, especially if you've just been dating for a short while.

Selfish guys are prepared to remove their pebbles from you as soon as your pants come off. He isn't really considering or care about your enjoyment or whether you finish or not.

2. He simply lacks experience

One of the main interpretations of a man coming quickly is that he is still relatively inexperienced in sex. Ladies, some men are still virgins as well, believe it or not.

Whether it's just sex in general or the specific sex positions you're employing with him, over time his stamina might improve.

3. He might be afflicted

Medical conditions might also speed up a man's completion time. These include prostate gland problems, nerve damage, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, and other conditions.

The difficulties may just arise in one position, or they may be the cause of his rapid orgasm regardless of how slowly things begin. In these circumstances, it can be difficult to resist being irritated, but if you care about him, you will find a solution if you try hard enough.

4. He Hasn't Had Sex in a Long Time

If it has been a while since they last had sex, men find it difficult to maintain their orgasm during the interaction. However, if it's been a while, he will most likely be interested in having extramarital affairs with you.

The good news is that most of the time, he simply lacks patience, gets fulfilled quickly, and completely lets go in these situations.

5. He Is Attracted to You a Lot

Sometimes, males would approach you so rapidly only because they are so infatuated with you. Nothing makes a man happier than being sexual with a lady he considers attractive.

The bright side of this is that if you continue sleeping together, his stamina may grow as he learns that it will continue to happen and he will be able to maintain concentration throughout sexual activities.

6. You Make Him Feel Good Too Much

He may enter the bed quickly because of the way you please him too much, whether it's hot and heavy during foreplay, all mental, or oral sex you engage in with him.

Similarly, he might simply come faster during a sexual encounter because your body feels so amazing to him. In addition to how your body makes him feel, it also relies on the man and how he feels about you.

7. He is ignorant of self-pacing

Men who aren't very skilled in sex or who are simply bad lovers either don't know or don't care about timing themselves. Therefore, they are going all out while they are together rather than taking their time or attempting to enjoy each other's company.

As they get more experience in the bedroom, virgin guys may, in the best situation, increase their sexual endurance. You can instruct him on how to be the ideal lover in bed in this situation.

8. He's attempting to impress you

When women try too hard to please you, it can have a negative impact on guys that could theoretically be classified as a mental health problem. When a man falls head over heels for a lady, he may try to win her over in every manner, including in bed.

The problem is that on occasion, he would plan to bang the headboard against the bedroom wall for 30 minutes. except he gets so enthused about it that it ends up being 45 seconds.

9. He overestimated his capacity for endurance

Every day, a man will hook up with a woman he considers extremely attractive, planning to stay for twenty minutes, but instead showing up after just two.

How shall we put it? We are not flawless. All of a sudden, our math doesn't make sense. We anticipate that our rocket will land on Mars. But we only just make it to the Moon.

10. You're Extra Tight

She might not have much sexual experience or be a virgin, but sometimes some female body parts can be very tight. And when that's the case, men typically complete tasks much more quickly.

Nevertheless, some men have exceptional endurance and might even stay with you longer if you're more intimate than other women they've slept with. Again, it is impossible to generalize about all men's sexual prowess in a single sentence.


Both sides should enjoy and benefit from their sexual encounters. It could not feel as satisfying or enjoyable for you if he consistently completes tasks before you.

If you want to make him last longer so you can both enjoy sex equally, use these tips:

Swap roles frequently. This adds several minutes to the gap between orgasms. Remove any obstacles in your path, both mental and physical. making sex less laborious and more pleasant. Discuss your sex life in public. Understanding one another's sexual needs results from this.