Why Does It Hurt My Wife When We Make Love & How Can I Prevent It?



Before questioning one's own self how he could hurt his wife making love, he got to understand first that life itself is painful. If pain has come to exist on its natural instinct but not from his intention, he need not be worried much about her feelings.

Of course, a woman is an epitome of pain takers right from the menstrual cycle to giving birth to a child. If a man thinks that his woman is going to get pain through pregnancy and its delivery, he cannot march forward in his life.

However, there are not just physical pains and hurts a woman could face but there are certain mental ailments like male domination and its attachments.

Coming to his love hurting her, this could be an outcome of his possessiveness that garners her way too much, inhibiting her mind not to breathe.

Another love is body satisfaction through sexual intercourse. A man or a woman is inquisitively an animal in nature in the prospect of hunger, anger, and lust. A human being is only satisfied being wild at least once in a while through getting tired of bearing pain.

One can understand how far sexual intercourse could hurt the opposite person through understanding the natural instinct substituted in wild sex.

Wild sex

Wild sex in simple understanding can be said as animal instinct preceding the human instincts during sexual intercourse.

The sexual relationship between two bodies need not settle to genitals alone. One can crave another from top to bottom of the body. One can grab, kiss, lick, suck and whatever sexual curiosity stimulates the mind at the moment.

A couple or partners involved in a relationship or about just sexual relationships would like to curb the sexual intimacy and come closer to each other as much as possible.

The sex drive one possesses could abrupt the human personality that may further lead to wild behavior during sexual intercourse.

The eagerness sustained in the desire or the urge of the sexual activity or intercourse may activate the person to unusual body speed. The anxiety compounded in the force of sexual activity may bring abnormal body movement that could lead to excessive frequency in thrusting the genital into another genital.

The extreme nerve stimulus and impulses obtained during sexual intercourse have adverse effects on the body. The nerve stimulus on fast-paced sexual intercourse is even more soul and body burning that both the sexual partners may face extreme body pains.

Wild sex would bring spinal cord pains, high blood pressure, increased sugar levels, etc. In today's world though, the outer world stress and strain are added to the sexual excitement causing more pressure in the activity. Thus, doctors and sexologists are suggesting engaging in slow Sex.

Outcomes of wild sex

Skin tears

The wild force of action between the penis and female genital sometimes leads to tearing the skin of the place with major cuts and wounds. 


The anxiety or exciting force of penile intercourse into the various cavities with utmost wilderness could make the genitals bleed from minor to major wounds.


Wild sex is way too tiresome compared to what it takes for romance or slow sex. Wild sex burns a lot of calories from both the bodies engaged with penis intercourse into the anal or vaginal cavity. It is sleep-depriving, too.

Women walking changed after wild sex

Wild sex involves the tiny butt hole or vaginal hole befitted with a large circumference penis. The thrusting action of the larger size penis into the smaller anal or vaginal cavity could most probably loosen the fix or stretch between the two legs resulting in differentiation of the woman's walk. A woman who is engaged in wild sex is easily predictable.

What is the alternative to wild sex then?


Romance is heartful behavior whereas sex is a mind thing. Going all alone on sexual impulses would result in wild nature where being romantic could save one from all the negative outcomes after doing sexual intercourse.

Being romantic is feeling beauty. Following sexual impulses is a wilder thing that may spoil beauty. Thus, a couple would prefer romance only.

The romantic minds are put to a cool attitude that would maintain low blood pressure in the heart and body blood vessels that would estimate low force on sexual intercourse.

Slow sex

Slow Sex is a type of sex that would last longer than usual sexual intercourse. The orgasm would not happen so soon so that they can enjoy more time in the sexual activity.

There are various psychological benefits associated with slow sex. The sexual partners feel more attached to each other. The partners feel more love and affection with the attempt of slow sex.

Slow sex is known to reduce blood pressure and sugar levels in the body. Slow sex is known to reduce anxiety and depression, too.


Foreplay can be played both before and after sexual intercourse. The foreplay before sexual intercourse can bring the energy stored in the soul to the body whereas the foreplay after sexual intercourse would help the body to get back to normal stabilities once after the loss of energy from the body due to the sexual orgasm.

Foreplay relieves stress and depression. Foreplay gives energy to battle stress and depression observed from both daily activities and sexual activities.

Take Away 

A woman is a flower-like beauty. A man married or committed to her must stay responsible and caretaker in order to enhance her beauty even more.

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