Which is best for hair growth onion or garlic?

Which is best for hair growth onion or garlic? | Onion or garlic: Which is good for hair growth | onion | garlic | garlic or onion

Onion or garlic: Which is good for hair growth

Your complete personality includes your hair, thus it needs to be taken care of as such. This is why you need to include appropriate hair care in your normal beauty routine. Every day, your hair is exposed to a wide range of irritants, toxins, and pollutants from the environment, which can seriously degrade the condition of your hair and obstruct hair growth. In consequence, having unhealthy hair feeds a lot of self-consciousness, which might make you feel less confident. Depending on the underlying reason, different hair issues demand different remedies.

In order to promote hair growth, this article will concentrate on a specific cure that combines the advantages of both onions and garlic for hair. The most common drug used to promote hair growth is called minoxidil, but it is a potent formulation that requires extreme caution. For applications that are simple and secure, researchers are exploring more natural alternatives. How successful are the ingredients onion and garlic, which are thought to be excellent for the hair and scalp, at halting hair loss and promoting hair growth?

Onion oil for hair growth

Potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamins C and B6, and many other minerals that are good for hair are abundant in onions, but sulfur is the most crucial of them all. Sulfur is present in small amounts in every human cell, but it is most abundant in hair, skin, and nails. Sulfur relieves inflammation when applied to the scalp and increases blood flow beneath the skin to supply more nutrients to the hair follicles. Both of these effects improve follicle activity, which helps to accelerate hair development and generate hair of higher quality. A sulfur deficit, on the other hand, is linked to increased hair loss and sluggish hair growth for hair fall control.

Crude onion juice was discovered to be an effective topical treatment for alopecia areata in one trial carried out in 2002 which is an autoimmune disorder causing patchy hair loss. However, there is no extensive, reliable research that demonstrates how androgenetic alopecia or male-pattern baldness can be treated with onion juice. Another study from 2012 revealed that the sulfur-rich component of onions aids in regenerating and activating hair follicles, which results in hair growth and hair fall control.

Garlic oil for hair growth

Sulfur molecules, which are wonderful for hair growth and hair growth supplements, are abundant in garlic essential oil (GO), which is great for hair growth. Because sulfur is a key component of the cells that produce hair, it can give you strong, thick hair that grows quickly. Sulfur also maintains healthy hair follicle function by reducing scalp inflammation and battling infections. It facilitates greater nutrition to the hair follicles by enhancing blood circulation in the scalp. Additionally, raw garlic has a high concentration of vitamin C, a potent anti-inflammatory and essential component of collagen. Many of the amino acids found in keratin, the protein that builds hair, are also found in collagen, a structural protein.

As a result, your body may use the collagen's amino acids to produce more keratin, which it can subsequently use to grow hair faster and healthier. Topical garlic has been shown in numerous trials to be helpful in preventing hair loss and keratin loss, but this research either used tiny sample sizes or cell models. Therefore, additional extensive human investigations are required to support these assertions. Additionally, because alopecia areata is an inflammatory disorder, these effects may not be applicable to androgenic alopecia or male-pattern baldness, which are hormonal and hereditary conditions.

How to use onion oil

Remedy 1:

  • To prepare a paste, combine 2 onions and 4–5 cloves of garlic.
  • To extract the juice and get rid of the pulp, strain the paste.
  • A few drops of coconut oil can be added to the mixture for more benefits to the hair and less irritation to the scalp.
  • Massage the juice into your scalp after applying it to your hair.
  • Ten minutes of waiting
  • As normal, shampoo your hair.

How to use garlic oil

Remedy 2:

  • A medium-sized onion and 12 garlic cloves are combined to create a fine paste.
  • The paste should be heated for a few minutes with 6 tbsp of coconut oil added so that the oil separates from the pulp.
  • Wait until the mixture reaches room temperature.
  • Remove the pulp by straining it, then gather the oil in a container.
  • Use this oil to massage the hair and scalp.
  • Give it a few hours or maybe a night to sit.
  • Rinse it off with normal water and a gentle shampoo.

Side effects of using onion and garlic oil for hair

A powerful substance, sulfur has the potential to be slightly caustic when employed in high doses. Garlic and onion juice both include a lot of sulfur, which is why some people experience negative skin reactions when using them directly. Even after briefly applying garlic or garlic essential oil, some people have complained of burning, stinging, and skin irritation. Using onions and garlic combined obviously increases the possibility of these negative effects, so you need to take extra precautions. Piece testing the treatment on a tiny patch of skin is strongly advised before using it on your scalp. There are various home remedies for hair fall, but this is the most efficient. 


There are several hair growth cures available online, but only a small number of them have been scientifically confirmed to work after years, and in some cases decades, of research. One such treatment that has gained popularity among the general population is the concoction of garlic and onion. Garlic and onions have each undergone individual hair-related testing. It is believed that combining them will produce even greater outcomes. The topical application of onions and garlic to promote hair growth is supported by a large body of anecdotal data as well as some scientific literature.

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