What's more attractive: a beard or stubble?

Beard growth


Beard is a facial hair grown in men, one of the most differentiating qualities from women, is a style of man nature. It is supposed to grow over the chin and cheek, through the jaw and neck. The beard is exposing the segmentation of the androgen and testosterone glands in the male human body.

The beard growth in men doesn't come from their birth itself. It happens in later years. The adulteration of a boy into a man takes place through teenagers. The teenager blows all essential hormones in the body making puberty work out. That's when the hair starts to grow at different parts of the body. Of course, women too grow hair at different parts of the body but they can't build facial hair which makes them look smooth and beautiful.

The cute boys become handsome once they pose while still grooming a thrown beard. That beard is one of the definitions of man. The raw, groovy, shady look is enhanced upon growing a beard.

There are many stages in beard growth in a man's lifetime. From teenage to old age, the beard changes in its nature in terms of density, color, thickness, and depth.

While beard growth occurs in several stages, all hair growth goes through three phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen. While it’s not a stage of beard growth, the hair growth cycle is essential to the process.

Beard is a rough skin texture that massages another skin surface when you get in contact. This is one of the major reasons women get in love with beards.


Stubble is part of the beard itself but it is a minute look of the beard grown on the face. The name stubble has come from the stubborn nature of the little outgrown hair over the jaw and chin line.

Stubble is known to be an experienced baby beard. Even though the length of the stubble is so short, the beginner's beard does not mean stubble for beginners. The beginner's beard hair is so delicate and less dense whereas stubble is beard hair grown from every inch on the beard space with rough and tough hair strength.

Heavy Stubble

Heavy Stubble is the length of the beard that grows for 10 days after shaving. This beard length gives a dark, mostly black and dense look to the face that the men look young and wild.

Short Stubble

Short Stubble is the length of the beard that grows for 5 days after shaving. This beard length is quite geeky that one grooms it, it makes a sexy sound.

Most women love to have a romance with that beard length. Short stubble is capable of taking all that maniac urge that happens in women accustomed to feminine energy.

Is stubble so attractive?

Stubble is known to give a stubborn look.

To keep aside internet confusion and make a judgment on which length of beard growth is so special to both men and women, we could simply decide on stubble.

Stubble is one length of beard hair that covers all other emotions or styles triggered to all other beard lengths.

Most celebrities have selected stubble as the most attractive beard length. Besides feeling stubble most attractive, they feel it most comfortable, too.

Stubble length gives artists the freedom to grow or reduce the beard length in a short period if a character or a date demands it. 

So, is stubble more attractive than a beard?

Stubble is the way to look geeky. One can make sound grooming stubble which is not possible with any other beard length or style.

Of course, a beard may look wild and free, stubble is more of a subject to attract other people. You may not guarantee that a beard could impress another person or girlfriend because a beard is more of a subject to masculinity, wilderness, and freedom.

Stubble can show up during a force of education, too. That is, stubble is the style most of the lecturers and professors do prefer.

Most of the employees do look stubble for it has become the uniform style of men to look decent and compound.

There are a few beard conditions that can emerge starting from an itching sensation in the beard.

Itching is a reaction to irritating or sensitizing skin conditions underneath the beard hair strands rooted into the skin layers. Or the beardruff, also called beard dandruff, is engaged at the root cause of hair strands or the dirt compounded inside the beard outlook.

Beard discomforts may emerge in growing a beard but the stubble is free from all the beard damaging conditions due to the shortness in the length of the hair. That is, stubble is the easiest beard style to maintain and take care of.

Take Away 

Irrespective of whether it is a beard or stubble, a beard is known to maintain a certain kind of warmness in life that a girl would like to feel.

How a boy would dream to touch the breast of a girl, the same way, a girl would dream to touch the beard of a boy or a man.

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