What types of kisses do guys like?



Kissing is an action permitted to one's lips that could be put anywhere on the whole body of another person right from forehead to toes.

Kissing can be done to genitals. The touching of lips to the genital part is an ultimate pleasure in sexual activity. One would be flattered by the tenderness obtained through kissing.

Kissing is a form of oral sex, in fact, other than just complementing cuteness. The kiss on facial muscles can temper the genital nerves. The facial muscles are interconnected to genital nerves

Guy's expertise in kissing

Who doesn't love kisses? Irrespective of gender, age, and relationship, kisses can be accepted everywhere.

Even women do kiss, guys are the energetic force kissers. They are specialists in it. Their lips need something, after all, their subconscious mind can get into the play and amaze themselves, first of all.

Kissing is an art. It involves a lot of creativity. New age kisses will evolve ever in this vast universal life.

However, there are a few kinds of kisses that are always special to guys. Let's look into them.

Secret kisses

As kissing is a fun job, guys like to kiss her secretly. Secrets give more fun and excitement. They love to grab her woman secretly in the sight of no one. When they are together all alone, they become completely free in kissing each other like heaven.

Public kisses

Some men love to showcase their love incomplete. Whether it is lip lock or facial kiss, they go all gaga in public.

Their anxieties and excitements are covered up in a single shot of a super hot kiss. They don't feel shy anymore after kissing in public.

Intimate kisses

Intimacy is a strong need for any successful relationship. Guys like to kiss her in such a way he would forecast all his intimacy potently putting in his heart and mind. Intimate kisses would enhance their relationship even more to a level of understanding each other's minds and hearts without saying a word out. That is the whole purpose of kissing, after all.

When there is a chance to kiss, there is no need for words.

Hesitating kisses

Guys also like forcibly grabbing their women and kissing to an inch of breathlessness. There are times when the guy is moody but his woman is a little busy with her work. she couldn't give time or chance to his boy to kiss her and give a little mind divert to her mind.

However, a guy wouldn't settle down or give up. He forcibly grabs her body parts and makes his lips touch her intensely smooth and sexy.

Hesitating kisses are the ones that can make a woman go wet without her intention. Once she is wet, she does not stop his woman until her activated sexual drive is satisfied.

Lip kiss

The kissing of one lip to another person's lips deeply generates a lot of joyful hormones in either body including dopamine as the prime most are what is defined to be lip kiss or lip lock.

The lip kiss or lip lock is something that could pertain for a longer time than general kissing and during that time, the tongue and teeth could also get involved in the course of kissing.

Facial kisses

Even though lip-locks are intimate kisses, facial kisses do the same business almost all. The guy would like to bite her cheek, chin, jaw, eyes, nose, and forehead, not using his teeth but lips which are called a kiss.

When the couple is stressed out, facial kisses will help a lot and give different energy.

Private part kisses

Kissing private parts is one more most liked kiss by guys, that which may be considered as oral sex. Kissing vagina and butt-hole is a liberating action.

Sexual kisses

The kisses born out of sexual excess energy generated during sexual activity or intercourse is such a body-relieving action and men love it.

Hair kisses

Kissing her hair and smelling her flavor is also a favorite to men.

Whole-body kisses

When a body is excited or put to anxiety or curiosity, the blood flow and the temperature in the body are increased which would most probably result in sweat secretion.

During sexual intercourse or a normal romantic mood, there are chances for the body to secrete a lot of sweat which is nothing but her flavored body excretion with holy saltine taste. Why would a guy not look after it? He simply goes after all over her body and likes to kiss every inch of her whole body especially the space that has been sweating.

During whole-body kisses, the guys would like to be completely naked and narrated. They would also speak a few romantic words to make her cum, even more, not just through her vagina but her whole body skin pores.

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