What should you not do after sex?


A body is systematic to carry ahead and genital to either side of the heart. The heart is gently settled between the breath-providing element and the breathtaking element. 

The heart acts as an equalizer and catalyst between the brain and genital. During sex, the concentration of mind and heart is put onto genital whereas the normal times put a mind in mind. This concentration changes the blood circulation in the heart. Half of the overall blood content in the heart is supposed to be circulated in the half at every beat of it. However, sex is a strong opposing force that most of the blood going to the head changes its direction and moved to the genital. This way of change brings a difference in heart function. 

In general, sexual intercourse between a male and a female genital increases the heart's demand for oxygen. The heart's urge for oxygen is what is called a conditioned response named breathlessness.

The breathlessness can be caused by either a difference in blood circulation or could be other malfunctions in the chest area containing nostrils, windpipe, lungs, chest muscles, and heart. The pain or discomfort caused in the chest during sex or due to sexual intercourse is an immediate need to check what is causing and how deep it is intended. There could be various factors from physical and psychological strains that can show up as pain in the chest during sex. Some various diseases or disorders can struggle the body during sex. 

To manage breathlessness during sex, one must need to look after if any existing various diseases causing breathing struggle during sex like diabetes, hypertension, blocked nerves, trauma, stress, erectile dysfunction, lung cancer, injured ribs, injured spine, pneumonia, etc that can also cause pain in the chest during sex.

Either the pain or discomfort in the chest or the breathlessness connected to the heart and brain, one has to few follow medications or exercises to get rid of it during sex.

To avoid sex after-effects, there are various things put to note that are suggested better not to note.

Let's look into a brief note of a few things that should not be done after sex.

What not to do after sex?

Do not leave your partner behind

A couple or partners involved in a relationship or about just sexual relationships would like to curb the sexual intimacy and come closer to each other as much as possible.

The sex drive one possesses could abrupt the human personality that may further lead to wild behavior during sexual intercourse.

The eagerness sustained in the desire or the urge of the sexual activity or intercourse may activate the person to unusual body speed. The anxiety compounded in the force of sexual activity may bring abnormal body movement that could lead to excessive frequency in thrusting the genital into another genital.

The extreme nerve stimulus and impulses obtained during sexual intercourse have adverse effects on the body. The nerve stimulus on fast-paced sexual intercourse is even more soul and body burning that both the sexual partners may face extreme body pains.

Wild sex would bring spinal cord pains, high blood pressure, increased sugar levels, etc. In today's world though, the outer world stress and strain are added to the sexual excitement causing more pressure in the activity.

In such a way, a man should not be careless of his partner after orgasm during sexual intercourse. She must be given her importance. Otherwise, she feels as if she is used for sex purposes.

Don't be lazy

There is an extreme loss of energy from the body after orgasm. However, one need not feel that. If he feels the energy loss, he will settle to the bed itself, becoming an epitome of laziness.

As sexual activity is a little dirty, the general partners would look after cleaning up after sex. However, whenever a partner showcases his or her laziness, it may irk the partner to extreme anger that their delightful pleasure may not sustain for a little more time also.

Do not keep sex in mind

As sexual activity is a strong pleasure, one may get it into mind after mind which could slow him down in his regular activities.

Do not be nervous

One of the most immediate sex effects is loss of muscle tone and pelvic relaxation. Excess involvement in sexual activity results in nervous disorders. The friction or impulse generated in the penile or vaginal cavity impacts the whole nervous system stimulant. As more than ninety nerves are subjected to genitals, the twisted moments generated during various sexual positions invoke the overall body mechanism.

Free yourself from the nervous wreck obtained from physical and psychological presumptions on sexual activity.

Do not be depressed

As the body needs to lose a lot of energy at an orgasm, people feel depression in body and mind. Never settle for it.

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