What Makes A Man Weak In Bed?

What Makes A Man Weak In Bed?

What Makes A Man Weak In Bed?

A man going weak in bed means his sexual performance is getting worse. A man could go weak in bed for two primary reasons. They are physical conditions and psychological factors.

Physical conditions

Physical causes for man weakness in bed may include chronic (long-term) health problems, medication side effects, alcohol abuse, or surgeries.

A man undergoing an accident in his life would feel indifference in the body from the previous and reflects in the sexual life that happens in bed. This condition or phenomenon is called unfortunately becoming weak in bed.

There are some serious and most common physical conditions or diseases that could affect your sexual ability or desire for sex include Heart and vascular (blood vessel) disease, Diabetes, spinal cord problems, Hormone imbalances, Nervous system disorders like multiple sclerosis, nerve weakness, and Parkinson's disease, Obesity, High blood pressure, sexually transmitted diseases, High cholesterol, sexual malfunctions like testosterone low level, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc.

A man with diabetes would sustain various body part disorders in functionality. A man with diabetes would suffer urinary pressure during sexual intercourse. For that matter, there are cases where a man pisses on his woman or into her genitals during sexual intercourse making the activity unhygienic and intolerable. This condition would definitely make the man go weak in the bed due to embarrassment, awkwardness, and lack of understanding.

A man affected with high blood pressure would easily feel muscle cramps or body shakes or heartaches during the sexual intercourse making the activity more a pain archive rather than sexual pleasure enjoyment.

A man infected with sexually transmitted diseases would be avoided from sexual intercourse from the fear of transmission to the partner again. The infections could damage one's own genitals and partner's genitals. The infection state raises an intense dislike in the partner's being making them ineligible to participate in the sexual activity.

The penis differences like small in size or erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation are the other factors that abrupt the sexual activity or the pleasure obtained through the sexual intercourse.

The spinal cord is the major source to force exertion during sexual intercourse. Due to aging or accidents, the spinal cord sometimes takes bends or pains that would not allow the man to stay engaged in sex for a longer time.

Psychological factors

Psychological factors such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, frustration, anger, regrets, confusion, stress or relationship problems, professional or career engagements, sexual traumas, emotional discontent, intimacy, etc, and sometimes love emotion, too can be a cause of a weak man in bed.

A man who is made to love his lady or crave for her let him cum too easily. This means he takes less time for ejaculation thereby resulting in less bedtime. However intense the couple feel in the meantime, the premature ejaculation only makes the couple dissatisfied on the parameters of duration for the sexual pleasure they see when completed in short would definitely make a fire in their hearts.

Another hand, intimacy is a course of time that distances a man from a woman getting too close. This distance could disrupt a few of the emotional occurrences that occur and justify sexual intercourse. This could unknowingly state the man is weak in bed. A woman might be interested in nude sex whereas a man could be intimate enough to not remove all his garments to engage his sex. This difference would make the man weak in bed from the woman's perspective.

A man addicted to psychological substances either goes deeply addicted to sex or completely demotivated from sex making sexual relations go different other than normal. A man who is addicted to smoking, drinking, and drugs would show more interest in them than his partner thereby losing the heart of his woman in many aspects right from sharing life to bed.


Laziness is a matter of both mental and physical condition that could impact a man's strength and strain in bed. A lazy person would feel better having rather than engaging in sexual activity that could demotivate his partner from being happy.

Take Away 

A man going weak in bed has his own mental or physical conditions to impersonalize him from undergoing sexual happiness or interest that thrive him to engage in fully concentrated sexual activity or intercourse that would satisfy the other half to the peaks. The lack of concentration on sexual activity comes from the discomfort emerging from a pain stimulus emergence at any given point in the whole body. 

For suppose, a male body is aching with stomach, head, or heart, could he possibly be happy or satisfyingly erect his genitals or ejaculate with comfort? The answer is no.

Few of the men do not care about their pain and simply indulge in sexual activity with full of comfort and confidence created by themselves, in order to satisfy his partners without letting them know whatever the pain he is undergoing. 

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