What is libido and how to boost it?

Boost libido

How to boost libido? 

Low libido can be a reason for stress to both men and women. Libido can be defined as someone’s sex drive, low libido means low sex drive. This can be a cause of concern for a lot of people, low libido often means low sexual desire and can be a common cause of the issue to anyone. 

Low libido is a part of the bigger picture which is sexual dysfunction, now this does not only refer to men this is also a common cause of concern for women. 

This is a common issue doctors have revealed that one in five men faces this issue, there are a lot of causes for this concern so let us talk about all the causes for low libido in men.


Low libido can seriously hamper a person’s sexual life and can be a cause of stress. Here are some of the top causes for low libido in men

Testosterone deficiency 

Testosterone is a very important hormone in a man’s life. Low testosterone in men can lead to a deficiency which can be a common cause of low libido in men. Age also plays an important role in this, with age men tend to lose the desire to perform and their testosterone levels come down. 

Psychological issues 

Chronic stress, depression, and anxiety can also play a major role in low libido. If you do not have a happy and satisfying relationship then you may face a low libido. Work stress, family stress can all add on to low sexual desire and can be a hindrance in your life. 

Chronic diseases 

Medical issues like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol all are lifestyle problems that can pose serious stress to your life. These chronic diseases can be a reason for your low sexual desire, if you wish to change this then please visit your doctor and take control over your health. 

Low dopamine levels 

Low sexual desire can also be caused due to low dopamine levels in our brain. Dopamine is a chemical in our brain that is directly linked to sexual desires. This can come under both psychological and medical conditions. You can take up therapy which can help you deeply understand your own desires. 


While low libido is a constant problem in many men, there are easy and effective solutions to the problem as well. Here are some of the easy tips and tricks to boost libido

Eat food that boosts libido 

The easiest way to boost libido is to eat food items that can help in improving it. Here are a few food items that you can eat to increase libido. 

  • Figs
  • Banana
  • Avocados
  • Chocolate 

These food items can help in improving your libido and get you back on track with your sexual life. 

Visit a therapist 

As we mentioned earlier, low libido can be caused due to psychological issues which need to be dealt with by a professional. Oftentimes our low self esteem can also be a cause of low sexual desire. Therapy can help you understand yourself better and can take control over your life. 

Meditation and yoga 

Meditation and yoga can help you in releasing built-up stress. Try out various forms of yoga and meditation to break the cycle of stress inbuilt in you. It can be environmental, work, or relationship stress. Work on yourself and get better for yourself. 

Improve your sleep pattern 

A hectic lifestyle can be a reason for low libido, get on the right track by improving your sleep patterns. Getting enough sleep is very important to maintain a happy sexual life. You can also take power naps in the middle to help you get better. 

Healthy diet 

A healthy diet can also help in boosting your libido as mentioned earlier by eating food items. Make sure you keep switching these food items to get the best results out of them.

Foreplay is important 

Foreplay is very important to get you comfortable in your relationship. Better sexual experiences will help you in having a better sexual desire. Make sure you and your partner have talked this through, communication can be the ultimate key to everything. 

Herbal remedies 

There are a lot of herbal remedies that can help in boosting your libido, here are some of them mentioned for you. 

  • maca
  • tribulus
  • gingko
  • ginseng

Make sure you ask your doctor before going ahead with any of these medications. Some of these are not supposed to be consumed in a combination with others. 

Quit your addictions 

Smoking and drinking can lead to low sexual desire so quit your addiction before it is too late. Good heart health leads to good sexual functioning. You may notice a healthy increase in your energy and sexual desire after you quit your addictions. 

Be comfortable and talk

It is very important to talk to your partner about your own needs and theirs. A happy discussion can lead to a positive outlook in your life. So, always communicate with your partner. 

Take Away 

Low libido can be faced by both men and women, but can always change. We have mentioned some of the easiest tips and tricks to boost your libido. Make sure you try all these out and see the benefits for yourself. We hope this has been of help to everyone dealing with low libido. 

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