What are The Best Treatments for Patchy Beards?

Beard capsules or biotin for beard are the most effective treatment in curing the condition called a patchy beard.

Patchy Beard

Beard is a metaphor for masculinity, wonder! It creates an impression on people, attracts the opposite gender, shows politeness, piousness and obsequiousness which strikes perception on people. 

Beard plays a pivotal role in protecting skin, which ensures the safety and makes feel warm; portrays benevolent conception. Beard defends skin from the sun rays which are harmful like UV rays but the magnitude of shielding depends upon the thickness and length of the beard and makes feel warm in cold conditions. 

Beard is an aid for men where the opposite gender notices first, it’s a top-notch bucket list for women nowadays, which enhances virility in men. 

Causes of Patchy Beard

Like normal hair on top of the head, a beard needs helping hands to set them firm and maintain tenacity within it. It’s like another hair lying on the cheek and jaw and travelling to the neck. Beard plays a significant role in men, but these days deterioration of beard is happening through lots of external and internal factors like pollution, sun rays, genetic factors, quality fewer products, lack of nutrition, exposure to radiation, these are the factors leading to ultimate damage on beard. There are various types of damages on beards like premature greying, split ends, patchy beards and so on.

Multiple reasons for the damage, which are related to age, genetics, hormone imbalance, Alopecia Areata.

  1. Hormonal imbalance: Hormones play a lead role in maintaining health, overproduction and low production of hormones lead to health issues. One of the reasons for a patchy beard is improper production of testosterone, which causes a patchy beard.

  2. Age: Different ages, divergent bodies- make a lot of changes. Usually, a beard starts to grow from the age of puberty, from 13 to lifelong where its texture, strength, appearance changes as age progress. Generally, facial hair starts from puberty through, like in few people we can see above their upper lip a line of moustache at the age of sixteen, while, some others show at the age of 19; a certain age for a male to grow a beard is from 13-25. 

Whereas in males at the age of 25 fully grown beard is seen. As age adds up the immunity decreases and absorption of food in the body decreases, getting prone to many diseases. 

  1. Genetics: Genes play a major role in health conditions because these genes have involuntary access to our bodies. Suppose, if none of the family members has the condition called ‘’patchy beard’’ then you need to feel free because you won’t inherit the condition. Ironically, if such a condition exists in the family, we ought to get a similar condition.

  2. Alopecia Areata: It’s an autoimmune disorder, and it’s a condition where cells of the immune system attack the hair follicles, which root the hair. Ironically, this condition is also due to stress. It causes abnormal functioning of the blood circulatory system, leading to the stagnation of hair by forming circular rings on the face or hair growing regions. The circular rings are seen in the beard and this condition is termed as ‘’PATCHY BEARD’’.

Patchy Beard Treatments

  1. Diet: It is a prime factor in aggregating our health in good terms, just believe in this quote ‘’you are what you eat’. Because a poor diet leads to an unhealthy lifestyle and susceptibility to more diseases. Fix your diet then, 70% of our body runs in a systematic way. Enrich the diet with adequate amounts of protein, fats carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. Omega-three fatty acids are the ‘’one’’ if included in the diet, to enhance hair growth, which is found mostly in walnuts, fish, almonds, berries, eggs. And, add biotin too. 

  2. Exercise: Working out improves overall health; it acts on all functioning systems in the body, like, circular, eliminatory, digestion, respiration and boosts metabolism. A sedentary lifestyle segregates health away from the body. So, just work out and be active to have a healthy life. It even enhances healthy blood flow to the head and face regions which leads to hair growth. Exercise facilitates the healthy amount of testosterone in the body and also the absorption of food and coordinates the healthy functioning of the system and organs.

  3. Proper sleep: According to research, sleep plays a significant role in physical and mental well being. Without proper sleep, our health is affected magnanimously. While resting, the body gets repaired and refurbished internally. It imparts the active functioning of the brain. The whole body is in the process of rejuvenation. Seven to eight hours of sleep is essential for a healthy body.

  4. Reduce stress: Just believe in the term ‘’EASE DOES IT’’, because, due to stress, our health affects us in many ways. Stress may address in our body in many ways like anxiety, depression, over-working which initiates hair loss and beard loss. Meditate and workout, laugh and feel the inner bliss that retards decreases sadness in our mind. Do the thing which makes you happy and bloomy.

Take Away

There are few products for grooming, which helps in maintaining proper beard growth and maintenance. 

Firstly, beard roller: which is used for rolling and combing the beard hair, for better blood circulation; and reduces the chances of getting a patchy beard.  

Beard oil is also used for proper nourishment. Beard shampoo and conditioner is also used for perfect growth and maintenance. Beard capsules are the most effective treatment in curing the condition called a patchy beard.  By all these measures, one avoids and cures the condition called ‘’patchy beard’’ and promotes healthy growth.

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