What are the best Kamasutra positions?

Kamasutra sex positions

Kamasutra sex positions 

What is the Kamasutra, and what does it mean? 

Try these Kamasutra sex positions for optimum enjoyment 

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Do you want to spice up your bedroom with some Kamasutra sex positions and want to know how many positions there are in Kamasutra? Here's your definitive guide to the best Kamasutra positions for ladies, from the 'wheelbarrow' to the 'curled angel.' 

What is the Kamasutra, and what does it mean? 

The Kamasutra, the world's oldest and most famous sex manual, was published around 400BC in India, but there's a reason it literally translates to "a treatise on pleasure." It focuses on sex as a spiritual activity, similar to tantric sex, and encourages you to think beyond the box when it comes to pleasure. 

It's the most comprehensive sex book in the history of mankind, with over 100 distinct sexual positions and graphic instructions on how to execute them — because who doesn't desire mind-blowingly fantastic sex? 

With a core focus on female pleasure, recommendations for women on maintaining relationships with several partners, and extensive instructions for men on how to keep a woman content in case she walks off with someone else, we think it could be the first Feminist Sex Bible. 

Try these Kamasutra sex positions for optimum enjoyment 

  1. The Sex Position of the Plough Kamasutra

What is the best way to perform the plough position? 

You lie belly down on the bed with your top half resting on the bed and your legs straight out in front of you, essentially an easier and more pleasurable version of the wheelbarrow. He's wedged between your legs, leaning on your thighs to support your lower half. It takes time to perfect, but the work is definitely worth it. 

What are the advantages of being in the plough position? 

The wheelbarrow is undoubtedly the most taxing of all the Kamasutra sex positions. This alternative provides all of the enjoyment without the discomfort. Plus, tensing your leg muscles (which this active stance necessitates) tightens up your vagina, giving the impression that you're squeezing him from within. Your muscles clench even tighter when you orgasm in this position, giving you an even more powerful experience. 

  1. The Kamasutra Rider's Sex Position

What's the best way to do the rider position? 

This is essentially the conventional woman on top, but its versatility is the secret to its popularity. You can alternate between sitting upright to give him a better perspective and resting flat with him chest to chest for added intimacy. If you want to do something different, give him a vibrating ring. 

What are the advantages of the rider position? 

Because you are ultimately in charge, you may position yourself in whatever way you desire. Our clitoris is not all in the same position, but this one may be angled to where yours is for personal enjoyment. If you're a performer, you can sit up and channel your inner sex goddess, while those with particularly enormous boobs who find it painful to jiggle up and down in this position can lie flat on their partner's chest for some relief. 

  1. The Kamasutra Position on Amazon

How do you handle the Amazon job?  

He rests on his back and curls up in a ball by pulling his legs up to his chest. He then tucks his penis beneath his thighs, between his legs. You squat down next to him and rock back and forth. 

What are the advantages of the Amazon position? 

This one seems strange, but it needs to be experienced to be believed. This is the most potent of all the Kamasutra sex positions, and it's the closest you'll ever get to feeling like a man during sex without a strap on. 

  1. The Position of the Frog Kamasutra

How do you perform the frog pose? 

Instead of being on your hands and knees, you rest your arms flat on the bed and your entire front half of your body on the bed, buttocks raised in the air. 

What are the advantages of the frog position? 

You can use your hands to excite yourself now that you have them free. He also has his hands free for further pleasure. You have more stamina to continue in the position for longer because you're not balancing your weight on your hands, and your hands are free to play with him and yourself throughout. 

  1. The Kamasutra Position of the Hero

How do you handle the hero role? 

You lie on your back with your ankles by your ears in the backwards roll position, as he kneels and lifts you up while holding your legs back. 

What are the advantages of being a hero? 

In terms of angle, his penis will rub directly against your G spot, which is ideal for G Spot stimulation. This is also great for light BDSM enthusiasts because your ankles can be tied together, to the bedpost, or held in place by him, which prevents cramping. 

  1. Kamasutra Position of the Curled Angel

What's the best way to achieve the curled angel position? 

This is also known as spooning or 'hangover sex,' and you've most likely done it before. It has the ability to outperform them all if done correctly. It's similar to pegging. 

What are the advantages of the curled angel position? 

Having seen a lot of Kamasutra sex positions over the years, this is still one of my favourites because, simply put, if done correctly, it provides ultimate sexual equality. A man, whether missionary or doggy, always assumes a little more control. You may take turns leading this way, and his hands are free, so urge him to play with you as you're doing it so your climax arrives more readily. 

Take Away

We hope that this essay provided you with a thorough understanding of the Kama Sutra and many sex positions and their associated advantages. Sex isn't only about having fun. It invigorates your connection while also assisting you in living a healthy, stress-free existence. If you follow the methods outlined above, you will notice a good shift in your relationship. 

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