What are good intimate questions?



Intimacy is the closeness compounded between two personalities. Intimacy is the measuring meter to how strong a relationship or bond is between a couple.

Intimacy is the criteria for people living together happily. Intimacy is the subject of understanding one another. Intimacy is the eligible criteria for letting go of one another's defects and disadvantages.

Intimacy is the fuel to a romantic and sexual relationship. A married couple must have intimacy.

A couple who are bound to get together has the first goal of getting intimate with each other.

Intimacy is something like farting with the person you are bonded with.

Intimacy is the essential ingredient to a successful and satisfying orgasm in the course of sexual life.

A couple who has intimacy would know which part of the other person's body is painful or wanted to groom without a question of answering in words.

The people in intimate relationships would create tremendous energy on meeting their eyes.

However, intimacy is not a one-day program to understand and enjoy it. It requires a certain duration of staying together in a journey called love or a marital affair.

There are certain typical questions that can help grow physical intimacy between a couple. All the eligibility an intimate bond needs is patience, in the foremost.

Without patience, one cannot breathe one's own breath to the fullest. There is no question if one is going to breathe another person's breath without patience.

Good intimate questions?

There is no such thing called a good intimate question for a couple looking after intimacy should let their minds question every doubt they got. At the same time, the persons looking after intimacy together should make up their minds to answer every question outlet of one another's mind quotient.

However, to the people who are too introverted but still looking after making a relationship, they must and should have some content in their brains to make talking to the person one is looking after. 

For such people on earth, there is this internet Providence to let us know what exactly intimacy is.

As we earlier noted, intimacy is not a single-day job. Intimacy increases day by day. Intimacy too has a basic line to the top line.

Intimacy may start at the friendship level, go through the romantic level and reach the sexual level, thereby, increasing the dosage of intimacy through the journey of living together.

We will look into level-by-level intimate questions that can make people together.

Before figuring out what good intimate questions are there, it is the utmost job of one to figure out the behavioral and psychological personality of the other person. Otherwise, the quest for intimacy may end up at the breakdown of the bond itself.

For instance, one person in the about-to couple is an extrovert and the other person is an introvert could bring up a lot of obstacles in question and answering which could result in either side's hurt ups.

Therefore, we are providing a level-to-level questionnaire that can build a strong intimate relationship between two persons. 

Friendship level intimate questions

What is your favorite food?

What is your favorite destination?

What is your favorite adventure?

What is your favorite movie, actor, and actress?

Do you like art or science?

What are you looking for, a job or your own startup?

Do you like to look modern or traditional?

Are you a coffee person or a tea-taking person?

What is your fragrance that smells so good?

How do you use your hair? Can I get a breath in your hair?

Would you like a person who is alcoholic, smoker, and drug-taking?

What do you like most, sunrise or sunset?

What is a feeling that gives you a beat in the spine?

What makes you feel weak in the knees?

Romantic level intimate questions

Can you take my breath?

What can we do together to make our time better?

Would we go on a trip together? Can we spend a night out in the city?

Can you quit smoking for me? Can you quit eating non-veg for me?

Can you spend less time with your friends?

What is the emotion that can give you goosebumps? Can I try giving you goosebumps on my touch?

Do you believe in soulmates? If so, can we make one?

Can I kiss you?

Do you like one-night stands? Can you accept a person who looks after one-night stands?

How many kids do you want to have?

What are your major turn-ons?

Sexual level intimate questions?

Can you look after cleaning my innerwear for today?

I'm tired. Can you give me a blowjob today?

Can we go into the bathroom at the same time?

Can you share a shower with me?

Can we do nude sex today?

Can we lick each other? Can I lick your ass? Can I lick your pussy?

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