Valentine's Day Date Ideas for Casual Hookups

couple enjoying bonfire


Put a bonfire in the cold weather conditions for valentine's day, come close to closing the winter season and make extra warmth by sleeping with each other. Go mad at peaks about underlying bodies. The bonfire set should be so elegant that once you sleep with each other you cannot get up for at least eight hours.

Here are some other casual hookups date ideas:

Dance set up

No matter whether you go around a bar or pub or just settle in a room or a home, be sure that you are going to rock the body and shake the floor. Make oneself prepared that during dance together, there could come a moment or one moment overall that allow one genital to come in touch with another genital.

So be sure that you're too close with your partner and making out just in the dance right then. You know right, the body tempted on touches during dance could not rely upon without sleeping the same body. Just bang bang each other once we got tired of the dance.

Fall off in bars and pubs

Yeah, go for a hookup planned in a bar or a pub but figure out it is more about drinking in a bar or a pub. What then, just drink enough to get high enough to slip off in the place itself. That then, you will understand that there is this companionship that takes care of. Once care is taken, what next, hook up with more love and affection at a place where both partners can sleep together.

Tours and travels

Plan to hook up with each other in a lonely place or a place that is not familiar. That is, plan a place to jump off from the existing place so that you can feel sex free. Tour and travel can help long-lasting relationships that cannot be boring. The strangeness shown in a new place would show up in the partner's face too so that the couples could go mad about each other once again and again. The change in feelings could be figured out during the hookup.

After all, you can relive important moments, recreate a favourite activity, or just chill out knowing you're making new memories.

If you have time to spend, there is a whole week itself to be celebrated for valentine's day which is called valentine's week. One can plan a long drive that takes a whole week to reach the destination spot. You know what, you can hook up with a partner every day and night during the trip. What is good with long travel planned for valentine's week is you can hook up with your partner at different, different places during the journey.

A midnight walk

A midnight walk could be most romantic. People who roam around at midnight are found to be happier living people. Such that, it is not such a bad idea to spend time together during the day before and day after midnight, coming especially on valentine's day.

Just roam around in the chilling night in a car or on a bike or just walk from place to place. It is so lovely. The love garnered during the midnight moments can rush the couple to go sleep tight with each other which could be a great resourceful feeling to hook up.

Poetry reading

Read poetry for one another. The greatness of beauty and the beauty of greatness read in a book could tempt the sensual nervous system of the partner that can leave no option but to sleep together. So, just flirt with the poetry from the heart. If one is not so creative in heart, just go rely on some book and make her fall in love.

Go for a romantic movie

Go for a romantic movie that may remember their beautiful memories from their long-running relationship or make some expectations about the happening relationship. Do not forget to use the fuel formed on the mood generated on watching a romantic scene with the partner in crime, that is called sex and love.

Go for a horror movie

Yeah, go for a horror movie that can piss out the partner. During the while, ask the partner to piss on you just to make sure and give confidence that there is no fear but companionship. A horror movie can turn on so deep which can be converted into sexual tension and satisfaction with the bedside partner, that too, on a special note of valentine's day.

Go to a spa

There are a lot of rich and comfortable spas around the city that offer a range of specials, from affordable massage for couples to different treatments and retreatments. Couples can simply take whole day access at the spa when muscles are turned on, they must be just satisfied immediate on sexual activity which is called hookup.

In general, the spa places are so spacious and beautiful one cannot come out of place even after the all-day access. So, if tempted so much, just look for relaxing one more day just being there and hooking up with your partner.

Take Away

Valentine's day is the best time to start an intimate relationship in an already friendly relationship. Planning a date for a casual hookup gives no other better option.

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