Urinary tract infection in men: Causes and treatment

Urinary tract infection

Urinary Tract Infection In Men 

A urinary tract infection is also commonly known as UTI, this infection can be caused by bacteria in the urinary system which consists of Kidney, Ureters, bladder and urethra. UTI is one of the most common infections and it can happen to women and men. 

A urinary tract infection can affect the urethra and the bladder the most, however, men do not often get this infection but when they do it can lead to serious complications. 

Today, we will be discussing how Urinary tract infection affects men and how you can treat the infection. 


Let us begin by getting to know some common symptoms of Urinary tract infection, if you are dealing with any of the symptoms then please visit a doctor do not take this lightly. Here are the symptoms of UTI. 

  • You may notice pain during urination
  • You may have frequent urge to urinate
  • You may suffer from the inability to start urinating
  • You may suffer from a slow urine stream or leakage
  • You may have the sudden need to urinate
  • You may release only small amounts of urine at a time
  • You may notice blood in urine
  • You may notice pain in the central lower part of the abdomen

These were some of the most common symptoms you may face during a mild UTI, however, symptoms of a severe UTI can look like.

  • You may have fever
  • You may get nausea
  • You may get chills and abdomen pain

If you notice any of these symptoms then you must get yourself checked and be on medication. 


UTI’s can be caused by a bacterial transmission and can become a risk factor for older men. Mild UTI can still be monitored and can be easily treated whereas a severe case may complicate things and can also lead to surgery. 

Here are some of the common causes of UTI:

  • Can be caused because of being immobile for long periods
  • Can be caused by not drinking enough fluids
  • Can be caused by recent urinary tract surgery
  • Can be caused by diabetes
  • Can be caused by being uncircumcised
  • Can be caused by engaging in anal intercourse
  • Can be caused by Sexual intercourse 


Urinary tract infections in men are more complicated than in women and do require a proper treatment. Most times the infection may reach up to the kidney and cause severe complications. 

The treatment for Urinary tract infection differs from patient to patient as the doctors need to be fully aware of the symptoms and severity level. If you have a mild infection then you may feel better within seven day with proper medication. 

However, if you have a severe Urinary Tract infection then it may take up to four to six weeks to completely heal with proper medication and home remedies. 

Here are a few medications that your doctor may prescribe for your UTI depending on your severity.

  • antibiotics, such as nitrofurantoin, fluoroquinolones, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, fosfomycin, or aminoglycosides
  • medications to reduce the fever
  • medications to reduce or eliminate pain

Please do not consume any medication without consulting your doctor. 

Some of the home remedies for Urinary tract infection are:

  • Drink a lot of water as it will help you in stimulating urine and flushing out the bacteria. Drink about 8-10 glasses on water
  • Drink natural juices like cranberry, orange, pineapple all fluids are important for the body
  • Maintain a good diet this will help the medications to work better
  • Do not drink or smoke as this may be problematic 


Here are a few ways in which you can prevent getting the UTI.

  • You can start by emptying your bladder often
  • It is very important to drinking plenty of liquids, especially during summer season
  • Be very careful while cleaning the area under the foreskin after showering if you are not circumcised
  • Be very careful in cleaning your genitals before and after intercourse, to make sure there is no bacterial invasion
  • It is very essential to wear a condom during intercourse
  • It is essential to urinate after sex, to remove any bacteria

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Take Away 

If you are suffering from UTI then do not wait to visit a doctor and get yourself diagnosed. We hope this has been of help for everyone wanting to know more about UTIs.

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