Types Of Oils For Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement

Penis enlargement

The increase in the size of the penis is called penis enlargement. The enlargement includes both the length and thickness of the penis. Penis enlargement is naturally possible with erection. Penis exists in a flaccid state; it looks small, sensitive, and has no muscular body. This flaccid penis on sexual stimulation either by a thought or a touch becomes big and shows muscular action in the penis body and thus the state is called a boner. The boner is a solid muscle compound that satisfies both hardness and softness at a time. 

The gentle massage to the penis in the longitudinal direction relieves muscle strain composed in the penile hanging nature. Irrespective of the penis's flaccid position or erectile position, the act of massaging can be comfortably put onto penis so that the foreplay eases penile gravitational tension. The penis is put into hands of either one owner or the partner during the massage that the oil helps a smoothing action on the penis nerves. The penis nerves are generally in a contracted state and only on gentle massage, the nerves react to the touch and relieve to extraction. 

It is one of the methods known to increase penis to its maximum possible natural size, enjoy more intense sex, and longer duration during sexual activity.

One must know that position and point of entry can have a direct impact on sensitivity and pleasure. One must also know that massage of oil over penis would help its partner's overall satisfaction in all existing directions and positions. Oil eases penis and vaginal intercourse with ultimate pleasure and no pain at a time.  

Different types of oils for penis enlargement

Argan oil for penis enlargement

It naturally enlarges the penis forever, improves blood circulation, and increases the number of corpora cavernosa.

The application helps the veins to get clear of their contaminants and toxins and Increases the flow of the blood to the penis.

Black Seed oil for penis enlargement

The black Seed oil helps in repairing muscle tissues settled in the penis nerves. This repair increases the average time of sexual intercourse. It also improves and maintains the erection of the penis, reduces over-excitability, and increases the duration of intercourse. It is very helpful in igniting sexual desire and passion.

Olive oil for penis enlargement

Olive oil is full of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and even essential nutrients like omega fatty acids. This nutrition layered on the penis skin will help the beautiful enlargement with no stretch marks being made on the skin due to enlargement.

Aloe vera oil for Testosterone levels

Aloe vera extracts as oil could help treat sexual dysfunctions as it can stimulate cell division and increase testosterone production, which has the effect of increasing sperm cell count. The use of oil also stimulates penis growth and increases libido.

Lavender oil for penis enlargement

Lavender oil is an absolute solution for erections and prolongation of penile erection. It keeps the penis erect for a long time and delays ejaculation, improves sexual ability and makes sex more harmonious, helps improve sexual performance. The oil helps in fighting male impotence, micropenises, and short-time erections.

Watermelon seed oil for penis enlargement

It increases the penis size, length, and girth, and improves stamina. It keeps the penis erect for a long time with delayed ejaculation.

Sandalwood oil for penis enlargement

This oil is a useful substance for repairing sexual weakness of endocrine psychic sex disturbances. It also acts supportive in spermatorrhoea, premature ejaculation, and nocturnal emissions. 

The oil Increases sex timing and helps in improving the vigor and vitality and general weakness, increase pleasure and improve sexual potency.

Sandalwood oil is a great source of fragrance that on usage activates both the partners into sexual desire and provides enough energy to mind with its odor itself to foreplay in sex for a longer time.

The oil keeps the penis nerves calmer and simply stands for a long time. The excitement born out of erection makes the penis ejaculate early which would deactivate the energy system in the penis sexual action back to a flaccid state. This dropout may not satisfy the sexual partner.

The gripless skin due to the oil coat would make the sexual activity more fun and takes time for ejaculation.

The oil-coated penis could be molded to a variety of shapes and structures that one can satisfy the partner with various penile interactions.

Take Away 

Sex is just a squeeze away. In that way, an enlarged penis satisfies the partner to the maximum level. Oil treatment for penis enlargement is an ancient way of modeling penis size and shape. Ayurvedic herbs like ashwagandha, Shatavari, amla are way-to-go solutions for penis enlargement and performance. However, this natural way of treatment is not guaranteed nor scientifically proven for it varies with genetics and the way of application whereas artificial chemical compositions do possess clear-cut estimations. 

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