Treatment for swelling around the penis

Treatment for swelling around the penis


The male reproductive organ used for sexual intercourse which is designed extremely outward in the whole body system is called Penis. It is intersected at the most center of the body. There are two variations of the penis. One is flaccid and the other is an erected version. The flaccid penis has one size and the erected penis has another size. The erected penis size is always higher than the flaccid penis.

Penis Injury

The penis is a collection of almost all ninety nerves passing through the body. The frictional force exhibited during hardcore sexual intercourse could damage the internal arena of the penile body. The penile injuries may also occur because of scratches and bites, knocks or burns, sexually transmitted infections, accidental hitting, etc.

The penis is such an important sensory organ in the body, the pain generated at the hurt of the penis is capable of killing the person.

The damage develops into common injuries that include fracture, avulsion, strangulation, entrapment, and amputation.

Swelling around the penis could be an income or outcome to the above-mentioned conditions.

Under the quotation, prevention is better than cure, one could simply maintain skin safe and secure from various disease-causing ailments.

Swelling around the penis

Swelling around penis is redness or some color increase in the size of the penis that does not mean erection but damage to the skin and nerves of the penis. The swellings could be any color between red, white, yellow, and blue.

The persisted swelling around penis is a problem of life and one needs to look after them and take them. In fact, one cannot simply leave them to just pertain on the penile body for their pain is so intense and extreme.

The swelling around penis may not allow the person to use the penis for activities like urination and sexual intercourse.

The swelling around penis could result in severe repulsions that one could bleed to death also. The death due to swelling on the penis is a rare circumstance, still, one has to put in mind how dangerous they could be.

How to treat swelling around penis?

Staying Hygienic

Staying hygienic is the first most preventive way to itchy testicles. Bathing regularly and washing the genitals with special care would prevent the chances of infections. Clean the watered groin parts with a fresh towel after bath to remove moisture drying on the groin area.

The hygienic state gives comfort to the person suffering from some kind of skin damage in or around the genitals. The hygienic state also assures the safety of genitals from various bacteria and infections that could seriously damage the skin layered on genitals.

Practicing safe sex

Sexually transmitted diseases or infections are one of the major causes of bumps on penis. To avoid bumps caused due to sexual transmissions, one could avoid multiple sexual partners or use safety garners like to not deeply contaminate one another during sexual intercourse.

Practicing slow sex and steady sex

There is no wilderness involved in slow sex and steady sex which could prevent ruptures to penis body and skin that could elongate to swelling around penis.

Slow and steady sex can also help a person do sex with comfort who actually had swelling around penis way earlier or in his penis history so that giving no chance to getting swelling again due to wilder forces.

Avoid excessive heat in the body, in particular, genitals

Body heat and the heat generated at the genitals are some of the reasons for occurring bumps on the penis. There are food supplements like diary products that would reduce heat in the body. They are hygienic habits that can control the heat at the genitals. 

Use oils during sexual activity to control heat and friction generated at the genital intercourse.

Avoid alcohol and smoking to prevent inflammation in the scrotum. The inflammation during infections worsens the skin conditions.

Consulting a dermatologist

Once infected, consulting a dermatologist immediately is the best suggestion. He would treat the skin just with medications. If the infection is deep-rooted, he would clear the condition with surgery.

Anti-itching solutions

Itching is the utmost irritating outcome of a swell in or around the penis which could also raise the intensity of the pain of the bumps if they are too noted along with swelling. The itching is the reason for further spreading of bumps on the penis.

Controlling itching sensation and controlling oneself not to react to the itching sensation is a feasible solution to treat or control bumps on the penis.

Anti-itch cream is another common way to soothe itchy skin. Get an anti-itch cream that contains at least 1 percent hydrocortisone. This drug inhibits inflammatory responses in the body and can control the infection-affected cells.

Home remedies

There are homeopathic remedies to treat male genital organs. There is a natural medicine prepared from the plant Caladium seguinum also known as Arum seguinum. It belongs to the family Araceae. It works well in cases of itching on the scrotum with eruptions.

Neem, Lemon, and Aloe Vera are best suggested through ayurvedic nature to cure skin ruptures. Even though the application feels painful, they provide worthwhile solutions. 

Penis massage

The act of playing with penile nerves is what is called penis massage. Penis massage is the most dreamt dream of a boy or an adult irrespective of age for penis massage need not pertain to sexual intentions alone but penis as a tangling body deserve to be taken care of and given effort.

Penis massage can be done all alone or with the sexual partner. Penis massage is somewhat similar to masturbation only. The difference is masturbation takes place with the penile body being put in the hand and made back and forth whereas penis massage could involve hand touch or other body genital touch along with an induced substance.

There are various benefits with penis massage in association to sexual health and overall body health.

Penile nerves could get damaged by swelling that mainly causes swelling around penis. The gentle and technical massaging can help reduce swellings.


Genital lubrication is one of the kinds of penis massage.

The genital is way tight and uncomfortable before being involved in sexual intercourse. The unusedness of the genitals may freak out the person during sexual intercourse.

On swelling-like conditions though, it becomes impossible to have sexual intercourse also. Lubrication may help the situation if the swelling results from temporary stimulations.

There could be a lot of friction emerging from the genital intercourse such a way leading to various injuries or damages on the genital making a lot of pain instead of pleasure. Swelling is a possible physical showcase of the amount of pain indulged in the penis.

To avoid such circumstances, the sexual partners may put some lubricant on the genitals and engage in sexual activity.

The time spent on lubricating one another's genitals is supposed to be called foreplay which primarily means penis massage to men.

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