Treatment for dandruff during winters

Dandruff problem


Winters are here as is dandruff. Everybody loves wonderful and sound looking hair. Dandruff makes your hair look dry and dull. To treat dandruff, you should utilize the right hair care items. You may likewise have to change your way of life by and large that incorporates a solid adjusted eating regimen and physical activities. You should deal with both your body just as your psychological well-being as pressure can cause dandruff as well. 

Dandruff causes flakiness and dries out your underlying foundations totally. You should furnish your hair with the dampness it needs during this virus season. Overheated showers, rare hair brushing, cold air and no dampness are the fundamental driver of dandruff. Forestalling dandruff in winters is simple in case you follow a decent hair care routine and stick to it every day. 

Ways To Reduce Dandruff During Winters 

After talking about dandruff and winter, let us talk about some of the effective ways in which you can reduce dandruff this winter season.

Limit hair wash 

Try not to wash your hair frequently during winters as it will diminish dampness from your scalp. Try not to utilize high temp water on your head; rather utilize tepid water or cold water on the off potential for success that you can have. You might utilize cleanser yet flush the cleanser off of your mind appropriately to forestall aggravation and dandruff. 

Brush your hair frequently 

It might assist with animating the scalp and increment blood flow. This will additionally assist with expanding the emission of oils that keep hair and scalp solid. 

Drink more water 

During winters, we regularly neglect to drink water and this is the motivation behind why our scalp becomes dry. Absence of water gets dried out the skin and hair, causing more dandruff. Drink somewhere around 4 liters of water a day to keep your body hydrated. 

Cotton towel 

Use a cotton towel to wipe your hair after washing. Try not to utilize a towel with an unpleasant surface as it can prompt more frizz. 

Practice good eating habits 

One method for disposing of dandruff is to practice good eating habits. Nutrient B, zinc, and omega 3 are useful for your hair and scalp. Eat heaps of products of the soil to get the supplements. Likewise, incorporate eggs, fish, bananas and spinach, which are great hotspots for these supplements. 

Devour less sugar 

Sugar isn't useful for your skin, just like hair. Significant degree of sugar in the blood might cause an abundance of sleek pieces and prompt dandruff. Rather than sugar, burn-through honey or jaggery. 

Oil your hair before head shower 

Utilizing coconut oil might assist with hydrating the scalp and the hair. It is better on the off chance that you heat the oil somewhat and apply it. Wash it off with a gentle cleanser. 

Diminish pressure 

On the off chance that you have gentle dandruff, stress might demolish the condition. Along these lines, don't pressure a lot. 

Hair tone 

Abstain from shading your hair during winters. Since synthetic compounds present in the hair shading will make the scalp and hair dry. It can likewise aggravate the skin and cause tingling. 

Tea tree oil 

Tea tree oil is known to diminish irritation, oiliness, and injuries that are related to dandruff. You can utilize items like cleanser, conditioner, serums, and so forth that have tea tree oil in them. 

Tea tree oil helps in reestablishing all the dampness to forestall dryness and dandruff. You can rub tea tree oil straightforwardly on your scalp twice seven days to keep dandruff under control.

Homemade Remedy To Treat Dandruff During Winter Season

Here are some easy homemade remedies to treat dandruff during winters.

Honey and lemon 

You can set up a hair veil with honey and lemon juice to dispose of dandruff. Lemons have solid purifying properties while honey is a humectant, which makes this veil an ideal solution for dandruff. Lemon juice scrubs the scalp of oil, soil and flakiness and honey deals with keeping it very much hydrated and solid. Honey likewise has antibacterial properties which battle scalp organism and aggravation. 

In a bowl, take three to four tablespoons of unadulterated honey, changing the amount as indicated by your hair length. Add the juice of a large portion of a lemon to it and blend well. Apply this veil on your scalp and back rub tenderly for two or three minutes. Leave it on for an additional 15 minutes and wash with an dandruff cleanser. 


Yogurt is a deep rooted solution for disposal of dandruff and slick, bothersome scalps. It is accepted to be extraordinary for slick skin as it destroys overabundance oil without stripping the skin of its dampness. In addition, it has normal compounds that regard dandruff as well as decreases hair fall and makes your hair more grounded. You can apply yogurt straightforwardly on your hair or blend some lemon juice in it for extra advantages. Basically knead plain yogurt (kept at room temperature) on your scalp and let it stay for 30 minutes. Flush with tepid water and circle back to a gentle cleanser.

Take Away 

Dandruff is a huge problem during the winter season. It brings itching and irritation along, to get rid of dandruff this season try the tips we have mentioned above we are sure you will feel much better about it. We hope you liked the information and that you will give it a go.  

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