Tips for Navigating Long Distance Intimacy

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“Distance makes the heart grow fonder,” are you a believer of this phrase too? If yes then we have just the right information for you. Long-distance relationships can be hard to sustain but if two people want to make it work then no force can separate them.

If you are too die-hard romantic just like us, then you will relate to everything we have to say to couples stuck in long-distance relationships. Balancing intimacy in a long-distance relationship can be a struggle especially if you have different time zones. 

Today, we are here to give you some incredible tips to maintain intimacy in a long-distance relationship. 

Tips To Navigate Long Distance Intimacy 

After talking about long-distance relationships briefly, now it is time to get into some tips to build intimacy in a long-distance relationship. 

Communicate as much as possible

Communication is totally important. I'm certain you've heard that communication is absolutely vital for any relationship. It totally is and we must pressure this as much as possible. 

Communication is the key to knowing your partner and for your partner to know you, it helps in building a routine into your long-distance relationship. Communicating about everything may be something irrelevant, it is important to share your feelings with your partner. 

Communication has certainly become much easier with technological advancement, even if you are far away you can send a text, call up your partner or video call them to see them. 

Virtual dates to the rescue 

The only thing that matters in a relationship is how much you love each other and how you are willing to work on your relationship. Distance is just a number, don't get us wrong we know someday can be lonely and sad for both of you but rising about the hardships you can have a blast even in a long-distance relationship. 

Virtual dates can help you connect more with each other. It can be as simple as spending time in parks, on a video call, or cooking while talking to each other. Embracing the small happiness can really help you build intimacy with your partner in a long-distance relationship. 

Most of the entertainment sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime have options with which you can watch movies and shows with your partner, this can help in building common interests and can be a great time to bond. Virtual dates can also be extravagant, you can both dress up and order food and sit together to eat and talk and connect with each other. 

Phone sex and video-call sex can help in boosting intimacy 

Is phone sex or video-call sex equivalent to in-person sex? Obviously not. Would it be a great idea to increase intimacy between you and your partner? Totally. Evaluate various strategies and procedures to track down what turns out best for you, you can try both phone sex and video-call sex and see what works best for you and your partner. For instance, you can surprise your partner with a good looking lingerie, video-call them and talk dirty to them 

Phone sex is all about talking seductively and turning each other on, it can help you connect better with each other and can definitely be something you will cherish when you finally meet them in person. 

You can always involve playful toys

We think involving sex toys can be great for you and your partner, you cna always gift each other app-controlled sex toys that can help you or your partner to have some much-needed fun. 

A lot of people find it fun and pleasurable to watch each other getting hot and steamy, the best way to know your partner's intentions about sex toys is by communicating your needs and wants openly. 

Sexting is important 

If you are in a new long-distance relationship then sexting can be the first step towards building intimacy. Sexting can be fun and exciting. You can also resort to role-playing during sexting. 

It is important to understand each other's needs in a long-distance relationship, communication goes a long way in building an intimate relationship via video calls and messages. 

Sending each other sluty pictures out of the blue can be exciting and can help in building intimacy and not forgetting it can really make your partner's day. 

Practice eye gazing, not in a creepy way

Set a clock for four minutes and gaze into one another's virtual eyes by means of video call. You don't need to be together in real life to get the increase in oxytocin, the exciting chemical.

Share your feelings 

We have already mentioned that communication is essential when it comes to a long-distance relationship but sharing your feelings with one another is also an important part to make your partner trust you. Be honest about your feelings, share small or big things, and make them a part of your daily routine. 

Take Away 

Even though long-distance may seem hard, things do have a way of turning out better than you think. Talking about the future can help you both feel secure about your relationship and can be something you can hold on to when you feel low. We hope you liked the information we shared above, do appreciate your partner and tell them how much they mean to you every time you have the chance to. 

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