The real reason men grow beards

Beard growth

Reasons to grow beard 

Testosterone, a hormone produced in males, helps in producing Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT induces beard growth in the follicles present in the jawline.

Females have the same number of follicles but have low testosterone and also they are insensitive to DHT.

Why do Men Grow Hair?

Beards have been integral to the history of fashion. No matter the era, growing a beard was always in style, even though it had varying degrees of popularity. Today, more people are realizing that beards are a sign of strength and an expression of personal style.

Beards are meant to be men’s style statements sometimes. Ok, I admit that a lot of guys care about what others think about their facial hair. But there’s a reason many men proudly sport facial hair. Facial hair gives us a unique look.

  • Beards make you look old and of high social status:

beards tend to give a dominant look. In fact, a study found that women and men of two different ethnic groups, have judged bearded faces to be older and of higher social status than men who have clean-shaven.

  • Perceptual dominance:

The same study also showed results that bearded men are considered dominant and aggressive.

  • Respect:

Bearded men look dominant and of high social status which is why most bearded men are given respect.

  • Time-saving:

Shaving a beard regularly is the time taking process and causes cuts. Instead, the beard protects skin from microbial infection and also saves a lot of time.

  • Beard makes it clear that you have your own way
  • Women are more attracted to beards:

A study conducted in 2016 to determine women’s ratings of men’s facial attractiveness shows that beards are found to be more attractive than clean shaves for long-term relationships. The study was conducted on 8520 women who were shown moth pictures of faces with varying degrees of beard and were asked to rate stimuli for physical attractiveness. The research suggests that beardedness might influence attractiveness for a long-term relationship.

  • Bearded men are found to look older, stronger, and aggressive than non-bearded men

Benefits of Growing Beard

The question of whether or not to grow a beard has come up many times. People understand that growing a beard can help them appear better on the surface, but do they really know the benefits of beard growth? Some people find coarse or less manageable hair on their face distressing. Other people view coarse hair as cute and look for reasons that they can persuade others to embrace the softer, whiter features of their facial hair. 

Be it a stubble or a full-grown Viking beard, no matter what it is growing a beard is beneficial for every man. Here are a few benefits of growing a beard

  • Shaving Causes Acne:

Shaving causes bacteria to spread and increases acne. Under the beard, there are high chances of having smooth skin without acne.

  • Prevents Bacterial Infection:

Having a beard decreases the possibility of your skin pores getting exposed to microbes thus preventing bacterial infection.

  • Keeps Your Skin Moist:

beard hair keeps cold air away from the skin under the beard, acting as a barrier and locks moisture.

  • Prevents Blemishes:

Growing a beard prevents ingrown, razor cuts. Thus causes lesser blemishes than shaving regularly, giving a blemish-free skin

  • Decreases Wrinkles:

Beard decreases your skin’s exposure to sunlight thus decreasing wrinkles.

  • Confidence:

Beard increases attractiveness and also boosts confidence. Every person nowadays is aware and is very conscious of their looks. In such a world having beards and increased attractiveness improves confidence.

  • Protects from UV rays:

Beard helps in blocking 95% of UV rays which cause many types of cancers. Thus in a way, beards help in preventing cancer. 

  • Perception:

People with beards are considered to be mature, decisive, and healthy. 

Tips For Growing Beard:

  • Reduce Stress:

There are many ways stress is related to hair loss. So one must reduce stress and maintain inner peace to promote hair growth

  • A Healthy Diet:

a good diet with all nutrients balanced will give our body the nutrients it requires

  • Quit Smoking:

Studies indicate that smoking is associated with hair loss due to follicle damage. Thus avoiding smoking can help you to grow healthy hair and beard.

  • Have a proper skin and beard routine:

Your beard needs as much care as your hair and skin. A proper routine such as brushing your beard regularly, shampoo, and conditioning every other day will promote a healthy look and growth of the beard.

  • Take Ample Rest:

Sleep is associated with all aspects of health. Proper sleep is important for your body to repair and replenish, reducing stress and stress-related hair loss.

  • Use Beard Oil:

Beard oils are great products for maintaining beard health. It moisturizes skin and nourishes beard hair. It keeps your beard hair tamed and softens it up.

  • Use Beard Shampoo and Conditioner:

Face Washes, shampoos can be harsh on  beard and beard skin. It removes all the natural oils from the beard, making them rough and unmanageable. Using good quality shampoo and conditioner can help in maintaining the natural oils and also maintain beard texture.

Take Away 

There are various reasons growing a beard is important for men. They add personality without distracting from the natural good looks people are used to seeing in men. It's a masculine quality that has been around since ancient times. It is associated with the social image and perceptual dominance. While the reasons are much proper care and routine is a must when it comes to growing a healthy beard.

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