Signs of depression in men



Depression in today's day and age has become very prominent in society, more and more people are raising their voices towards it and their battle to depression. Unlike the older times when people were shushed from talking about their mental health.

Mental health is a very important topic that everyone must talk about, creating a safe space for people to openly talk about their struggles is an essential part of growing.

Depression is not judged by gender, while women can still openly talk about their struggles and problems, men are mostly shut from opening up their emotions. Today we will talk about some prominent signs and symptoms of depression in men, we hope if you see a friend in need you will be able to distinguish. 

Signs And Symptoms Of Depression In Men 

Depression may not always be diagnosed, a lot of times people themselves do not know they may be depressed. Sudden burst of sadness, less to no energy to talk to your friends and family, no interest in activities that you used to love are some very common symptoms of depression. Here are some more elaborate signs of depression. 

  • Huge weight reduction while not slimming down or weight gain and changes in hunger
  • Sleep deprivation or hypersomnia virtually consistently
  • Weakness or loss of energy 
  • Sensations of uselessness or extreme responsibility
  • Impeded capacity to think or focus, as well as hesitation
  • Constant thinking about death, repetitive self-destructive ideation without an arrangement, or a suicide plan
  • Feel tragic or empty
  • Feeling bad-tempered, furious, sad, or restless
  • Loss of interest in work, family, or different leisure activities or interests 
  • Feeling exceptionally drained
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Not being able to sleep properly
  • Changes in dietary patterns 
  • Physical issues like migraines, stomach related problems
  • Failure to meet day by day activities

Why Is Depression In Men Often Undiagnosed? 

One of the major reasons to write this article is to make people understand that often depression in men is undiagnosed. It can be due to a lot of different factors like society and societal norms, we often describe men as unchallenged, unfeared so how can they be deemed with depression. Our society thinks people with depression are weak and men can never be weak. Here are some common reasons why depression in men is often undiagnosed. 

  • Inability to perceive depression: You might imagine that feeling pitiful or passionate is generally the primary definition of sorrow. However, for some men, that isn't the essential indication. For instance, migraines, stomach-related issues, sleepiness, or pain can once in a while demonstrate depression. 
  • Not accepting signs and symptoms: You may not perceive how much your symptoms influence you, or you probably shouldn't concede to yourself or to any other person that you're depressed. But sitting with the feelings of misery, sadness, and depression only ignites negative thinking in you, take action before things go out of your hand.
  • Hesitance to talk about depression: You may not be available to discuss your sentiments with family or companions, let alone with a specialist or a therapist. In the same way as other men, you might have figured out how to control yourself and your feelings. You might believe it's not masculine to communicate sentiments and feelings related to depression, and you attempt to suppress them.
  • Opposing treatment for depression: Regardless of whether you presume you have depression, you might stay away from the conclusion or reject treatment. You might try not to get help since you're stressed that the disgrace of depression could harm your status in society or influence loved ones to lose regard for you.

Possible Treatment Of Depression For Men 

After talking about depression in men, now it is time to talk about some incredible treatment options that can help a lot of men out there that are afraid to talk about their condition. 


The first step to getting better with depression is finding a therapist or a clinical therapist that can help you with understanding your symptoms and guiding you through the entire process. A clinical therapist may suggest medication such as anti-depressants that can help reduce the effects of depression over time. 

Psychological therapies 

There is a wide scope of psychological therapies on depression:

  • mental conduct treatment (CBT)
  • relational treatment (IPT)
  • psychotherapy
  • Counseling and guidance

Brain stimulating treatments

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a harmless system that utilizes an electromagnetic loop put on the scalp to animate the nerve cells in your mind that control mind-set.

Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) includes a short electrical excitement of the cerebrum while the individual is under sedative. It is utilized to treat explicit kinds of melancholy, including serious sorrow that has not reacted to medicine.

Self improvement and elective treatments

There is a lot that you can personally do to reduce the effects of depression. Living a healthy lifestyle is also a part of the process, you may still need medication but you will get better if you actually want to. 

  • Meditation can really help you with reducing negative thoughts and bring you a calm and composed feeling. It can also reduce stress. Start by meditating every day for 10 minutes and you will see a huge difference. 
  • Eating healthy and exercising regularly can definitely change your life, eating healthy nutritious food not only helps your body but can also help your mind. Exercise reduces stress which can be beneficial for you. 
  • avoiding alcohol and drugs
  • Yoga and meditation go hand in hand, it is not only a great way to exercise and get in shape but it can do wonders for your mind too.
  • Acupuncture is also a lost art that can certainly bring about calm and poise to your life. 

Take Away 

Depression is a disease that can eat you alive if not treated, we hope that every person in need finds their way to light. There is so much to life and if you ever feel the need to communicate your feelings we can assure you, your friends and family will be fortunate enough to listen. 

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