Side effects of onion juice on hair

Onion juice for hair

Onion juice for hair

Onion juice has become a huge star within a few years, a lot of people facing hair fall have used onion juice to see if it helps in reducing hair fall. While there are many benefits of onion juice today we will be talking about some of the very common side effects of it. 

People who are making onion juice at home have particularly noticed some side effects as a lot of them did not fall in the proper direction to make and use this juice. Onions can help you in restoring dry-damaged hair and it is often recommended as a natural alternative to hair loss but there are some safety rules and regulations that you must follow too. 

So, before you make up your mind about using onion juice to treat thinning of hair, baldness or your regular hair fall, here are some of the side effects that you need to know. 

Side effects of onion juice on hair

After briefly talking about onion juice let us now talk about some of the common side effects that come along with onion juice. 

Onion juice may cause an itchy scalp

While onion juice is a great product to reduce hair wall it can also leave your scalp irritated due to which you may want to scratch your scalp more than usual. Onion carries a huge level of sulfur which can irritate the scalp if you do not wash your hair properly after applying onion juice. It is advised to use a natural cleanser which will help you remove the onion juice with ease.

People who want to grow long and lustrous hair can apply onion juice but they need to make sure that they are washing it well, do not apply onion juice more than once or twice a week. 

Onion juice leaves an unpleasant odor

Keeping the nutritional value aside, onion juice also leaves our hair with an unwanted odor when we apply it, even after rinsing the hair, sometimes the odor lingers around for longer. The reason for this odor is the levels of collagen if you do not wash your hair thoroughly then this odor may linger around, air-drying your hair is advised after onion juice as it helps in reducing the odor. 

Make sure you use a chemical-free shampoo to wash your hair as a chemical-infused shampoo can lead to more damage. Another thing to keep in mind when using onion juice is to only use freshly extracted juice as it may have less odor.

Onion juice has a burning sensation

If you have used onion juice before then we are sure you might have been through the burning sensation, it is one of the worst things about this juice. Make sure that if you are a regular user of onion juice then you do not scratch your scalp otherwise when you apply the juice you may face the burning sensation.

If you do not maintain a healthy environment in your scalp then onion juice will only give you a wound on your scalp, people who have a sensitive scalp should avoid onion juice as it could not only leave their scalp wounded but will also make it itchy. 

Onion juice makes the scalp dry

Another common side effect of onion juice is that it leads to a dry scalp. Onion juice is not a shampoo and should not be used like one, the excess use of onion juice can absorb all the moisture and natural oils from the scalp leaving it dry. Make sure that you use onion juice with care, excessive use can make your scalp super dry and can lead to a nutritional deficiency. 

Onion juice can cause scalp eczema

Onion juice contains a very high amount of sulfur that can harm the hair and the scalp in the long run. People who have sensitive scalp should avoid using onion juice as it can lead to a very uncomfortable and painful situation which is commonly called ‘scalp eczema’. If you have faced scalp eczema due to onion juice then make sure you take care of your scalp, use only natural cleansers, use oil that will help with dry, flaky, and inflamed scalp skin.

Onion juice can often lead to hair fall

It sounds ironic as people often opt for onion juice to reduce hair fall not knowing that it can inflate hair fall. Onion juice contains an excessive amount of sulfur which often causes irritation and scratching. 

This can very easily damage hair, scalp, and the new follicles. A lot of people who thought that onion juice will help in controlling hair fall saw an increase in their hair fall. Onion juice leads to irritation and continuous scratching on the scalp can damage the roots. 

If you want to help in reducing your hair fall without making your scalp itchy and dry, we have just the right product for you. 

Minoxidil Topical Solution 

Minoxidil Topical Solution is one of the best to treat Male Pattern Baldness, it reactivates the clogged hair follicles and promotes regrowth. People who have used this solution swear by it but the effects of the product will differ from person to person, we recommend a minimum of 2 months of usage. However, hair regrowth is a time-consuming process.

Minoxidil Topical Solution has proven clinically to regrow hair up to 25% in 10-12 weeks, so you need to trust the product and the process to see a better result.

Take Away 

Onion juice has its benefits and side effects. Make sure you research well enough before you go ahead with onion juice. If you have a sensitive scalp then do not think about using onion juice try Minoxidil topical solution instead. 

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