Side effects of drinking alcohol before sex

Alcohol side effects


Any class of organic compounds (such as ethanol) containing a hydroxyl functional group (-OH) is called alcohol, chemically, scientifically, and technically. In layman's terms though, it is a branded drink available to get drunk and damage the liver or lungs. For the present-day COVID-19 pandemic conditions, alcohol has become one of the important ingredients in the making of sanitizers to keep oneself away from the coronavirus or its mutations. Such is the greatness of alcohol these days.

Alcohol is produced by the fermentation of grains, fruits, or other sources of sugar that acts like a drug.

Alcohol and sex

Alcohol is a chemical organic compound that could boost a man to a higher power or cause the same person to be unconscious.

Alcohol is used to relieve stress in the modern-day lifestyle. Most people use it to change their mood from bad to mad.

Romantic nights contain alcohol as the major specialty. However, the limited intake would support the intend, otherwise, the scenarios may go worse right from mood upset to fights or quarrels that could reach killing each other, too. Such cases have happened in the past and one must understand the serious outcomes of improper use of alcohol.

Date nights or anniversary parties are made special with the availability of alcohol.

A doctor would not suggest alcohol to a better sexual composition for it is a bad way of engaging in sex but the general knowledge people would simply take a sip or two to stay courageous and wild in the sexual intercourse. Of course, an excess amount of alcohol would let a person go mad or dull or exuberantly wild resulting in rapes or murders.

A limited amount of alcohol could help a person to withstand his erected penile for a while without ejaculation. This advantage would prolong the stay in bed during sexual intercourse. However, there are also recorded cases and proven facts that alcohol would lead to erectile dysfunction.

Even though there are benefits with alcohol towards sex, there are its side effects, too.

Side effects of drinking alcohol before sex

Sexual abuse

Alcohol gives a man the courage to do whatever he wants. Alcohol helps the man to bring his wild side out.

Not just romantic nights, rapes and murders would also take place with the touch of alcohol. However, no man simply attempts rapes with just intake of alcohol. Alcohol is simply a booster to the provoking thought. A man could be bad but not the alcohol.

Most rape scenarios observed till now are case studied to be the person who is drunk during the attack.

Mutual madness on couples being drunk

In the previous days, though, only men used to drink and do their wholehearted wishes with their wife or girlfriend. The trend has changed now. A woman sitting beside or in front of a man taking vodka or tequila is the most dreamful get-together.

The changing trend has brought some great changes. Back then, only men used to be mad or bad during sexual intercourse. Nowadays though, both men and women are engaging in another world feeling during sexual intercourse.

As alcohol consumption could make a person go unconscious or subconscious but still act alive, there are chances for doing things that are of not their nature or unintentionally that sometimes go out of control.

Dependence or addiction

On a person is being habituated to drinking alcohol before sex, if the joy in engagement is likeable, the person may go addicted to it. On habitual note, one day or another day, he cannot do sex without being high on alchohol.


A couple who go on alcohol before indulging in sex or in the sole purpose of indulging in sexual activity, there are chances for going dirty on each other. There are chances for one or another in the couple go piss or fart on one another. There are scenes and scenarios who have made shit, too.

Lost intimacy

A person or a partner in the couple may act silent or shy not being on alcohol. However, alcohol has the power to lose such behaviour. During such a case, a man or woman can be different or wild being on alcohol that could irritate the partner in the couple.

There are a lot of cases of couples that have gone to divorce after seeing the wilderness one has behaved during sexual intercourse being on alcohol.

There could be chances for losing intimacy between the two people which may be the driving force for their sexual activity.

Danger of secret relevance

As alcohol consumption could change the mind, a secret that has been put in the mind for a long time could be revealed in the alcoholic mind. If it is something relating to sexual partnerships, forget about the sexual activity, there could be chances of no relationship at all thereafter.

Take Away 

Finally, to conclude, alcohol can both increase or decrease sexual desire in both men and women depending on their mood and behavior.

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