side effects of dotted condoms

Side effects of dotted condoms

Dotted condoms

Dotted condom benefits 

Side effect of dotted condom

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The raised dots outside of dotted condoms are precisely intended to heighten excitement and pleasure exactly where you want it. Condoms come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including dotted and super dotted. Small rough patches spots are created on the condom's outside surface to provide the female more pleasure when she inserts it. You can choose and test the dotted variety condoms if you don't want to go with the plain and boring condom type. These condoms contain a pattern of dots on them to boost stimulation and increase pleasure during sexual contact. If you have the skin or have broken skin, you should avoid using them because they can cause a rash.

Dotted condoms add increased friction to the receiving partner's experience, increasing excitement and delight and eliciting a deeper sexual reaction from both. This is also incredibly appealing to both parties. Consider the photo of a dotted condom with added fun style that you meander more than a snapshot of a dotted condom. You might add to his energizing sensation and begin to admire his example. Condoms with a speckled pattern are designed to increase your passion and sensation during the act of making love.

Condoms with spots are ideal for increased grinding. The textured design allows for more significant stimulation, as well as fulfillment and a nice time for both partners. The tabs the outside of specked condoms are unusually formed to empower and increase the pleasure of sex.

At first appearance, these feature extra specks to supply additional delight to the accepting partner, resulting in a higher sexual reaction from the accomplice. Dotted condoms include small projections that increase the pleasure of sexual contact by causing increased friction. This improves vaginal stimulation and helps the female orgasm more effectively. There are also various varieties of condoms, such as ribbed and textured condoms, that fulfill the same purpose. During intercourse, there is an added sensation. It can be used by partners. 10 Dotted condoms price in India between 200/- to 250/-.

Dotted condom benefits

Do you get tired of using ordinary condoms with a flat, straight surface? It's past time for you to start using dotted condoms. The dot-like pattern on these condoms promotes stimulation, resulting in more pleasure during sex. Dotted condoms are made up of a number of bumps in the shape of round dots that are evenly distributed across the surface. Due to the somewhat rougher and diverse texture, dotted condoms generate friction with an additional intense enjoyment for both you and your companion, similar to ribbed condoms. If you want to take your sexual experience to the next level, ribbed and dotted condoms might be the way to go. The textured condoms are made with both you and your partner's stimulation and enjoyment in mind, and they increase the pleasure during intercourse.

The dotted condoms' unusual texture and deliberately placed dots are supposed to take the personal experience to the next level. You'll both be able to feel the pleasure exactly where you want it. The condoms are made using the finest and highest quality materials available. A textured condom's sole function is to improve sexual pleasure and intimacy. Textured condoms or long lasting condoms have been expertly created to increase your pleasure, and whether you prefer traditional condoms or textured condoms is entirely up to you.

Side effect of dotted condom

If you use a lot of lubrication, do you still feel like you've been dragging the bare bits up or down a carpet for an hour?

  1. Stop using textured condoms:

You don't have to get irritated for the following reasons:

  • Preventing pregnancy 
  • Decreased STI transmission
  •  Boosted sensitivity.

There are a slew of different options for making penetration more enjoyable.

2. Make sure you are not allergic to latex

Latex is used in mostly all textured condoms on the market. It's worth checking to see whether you have a latex allergy or intolerance that's causing the irritation. If latex condoms cause you to become red, rashy, and irritating, try a plain condom, which can be found online. If you still find them bothersome, try basic condoms that are non textured and non latex. Internal condoms, which are latex-free and can be worn inside the vaginal or anus to prevent pregnancy and STIs, are another option.

3. Try a vibrating cock ring

A vibrating cock ring can be worn over a penis or dildo to give the wearer and receiver buzzy stimulation. You can raise the ring during P-in-V so that it is pressed against by the receiver's clit with each stroke. You can even place it so that it stimulates the penis owner's testicles directly. You can also use your fingers to massage a clit or shaft by putting them through the cock-hold section and holding it in your palm. Versatile.

4. Use a lube

People have informed me anecdotally that the lubes boost pleasure during penetration.

Take Away 

For some people, extra dotted condoms contribute to excellent nookiness. Rubbers with dotted and ribbed patterns, on the other hand, might cause rashes and irritation in some people. Thankfully, textured condoms aren't the only way to improve your sex life by enhancing sensation, increasing pleasure, and improving your sex life!