Side effects of circumcision

Side effects of circumcision


A penis is a combination of foreskin covering the glans penis. The actual penis muscles reside inside the foreskin. This foreskin accumulates indefinitely at the tip of the penis. To avoid future worries, few people circumcise the foreskin presented at the forehead.

In general, circumcision is attempted way earlier to any infection or disorder, just as a precautionary measure to stay relaxed during sexual intercourse.

Most of the penises undergo discomfort during its insertion into the vaginal cavity or anal cavity due to either its thick or more elaborated foreskin primed over the actual penile body called glans or shaft, or the actual perimeter of the penis is more than that a vaginal cavity could accept.

However, the vagina is a solid elastic structure capable of giving birth to a human child which would naturally be bigger than the size penis, it only needs to be understood that any length or size penis could be inserted into the vagina but the only difference is how far the penis is feeling comfort or easiness during the intercourse.

Circumcision is an ultimate destination to penises that compound larger diameter at the forehead of the penis resulting in an inability to grab the foreskin to and fro which is a mandatory need to organize orgasm during the sexual intercourse or spill out the semen from inside. 

Circumcision helps the penis to relieve itself from excessive foreskin gathering over the glans whereas, after successful dry up of circumcision, the penis looks like a sharp pin-pointed object with the glans looking outwards. The cone-like shape in front of the penis body helps it to enter the vaginal cavity easily and make an appropriate to and fro motion to the still leftover foreskin in order to ejaculate.

The circumcised penis gets easily interfered with during sexual intercourse. The uncircumcised penis is prone to frictions developed due to various conditions. These frictions unexpectedly cut the foreskin, most of the time leading to bleeding. As usual, the uncircumcised penis is a great source of Phimosis.

There are two types of circumcision. They are childhood circumcision and adult circumcision. Most of the circumcision needed is found in boys or newborns. There are rare chances of men facing uncircumcision. 

The new-age medical advancements and technologies are helping circumcise the penis with no pain and wound. As the circumcision is attempted on the most sensitive body part and is used daily to excrete urine, the condition is preferred to get cured in less time.

Side effects of circumcision

The immediate side effects of circumcision

The surgery or repair takes place at the genital which is a private and sensitive part of the body that could cause more pain than the usual body parts.

Discomfort and swelling.

The wound area looked awkward and embarrassing for about 10 days.

As the genital is a small body part tangling at the center of the body, it is the nerve settled there that struggles a lot.

The wound does not allow the mind to think about other things.

Long-term side effects of circumcision

The long term complications that could occur after circumcision are

Complications following circumcision are rare, but can include:

The circumcision removes the foreskin over the glans penis allowing chances to 

Extreme pain.

Excessive or little bleeding once in a while if there is a certain infection observed.

Recurring Infections.

Need to take more care while pissing and having intercourse.

The mismatch of circumcision like

Cutting the foreskin too short or too long

irritation to the head of the penis, since the foreskin seems to protect the head of the penis

narrowing of the meatus (the tube that allows urine to exit from the body).

Reduced sensitivity, which may cause a decrease in sexual pleasure later in life or painful intercourse for the man’s sexual partner.

Redness or swelling of the penis that doesn’t resolve after three to five days

A yellowish discharge from the penis.

Most women do not look like they have a circumcised penis. As the circumcision makes the glans penis come out and look reddish by its nature, few women find it typical to digest.

Oral Sex may become typical to a circumcised penis. The penis may become more sensitive or less sensitive after circumcision which by both are enjoyable to blow jobs. 

More objectified STDs

A man with a circumcised penis is more inclined to get more damage if the sexual partner has got some sexually transmitted disease or infection.

Take Away 

However, there are side effects of circumcision. If there are problems around the penis that do persist if circumcision is not done, there is no other option but to take different types of circumcision surgeries that are available in modern-day medicinal technology.

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