Sex positions to help you last longer in bed

Sex positions


Sex needs extreme energy stimulation stored in the deep down muscular body. It is an intense activity through sensitive organs which is why sex is called both pain and pleasure at a time. Sex is the pain one looks at it as pleasure. The bodies engaged in sex would love to last forever in the intercourse which could be hard for unfit people. To enjoy sex, one must be free from all muscle pains and joint pains. However, there are various yoga asanas and sexual positions that keep bodies in engagement for longer time activity. These sexual positions ease the personalities from various muscle contradictions and put them onto another level of joy and consciousness. 

For suppose, there are various sex positions possible with anal sex that eases whole body function and muscular joints. The stretches of the body to compose into anal sex flexibles the whole body. Anal Sex is a way to a lot of Kamasutra positions that are high enough pleasures. These sexual positions coordinate the nervous system and muscular movement in the body to last longer in bed.

As it is, various vaginal intercourse sex positions can help the body to stay energetic for a longer time in bed. Let's discuss a few of the sex positions that are especial to engage in sex for a longer duration. 

Sex positions for a longer duration

Cow Girl Sex

Cowgirl sex positions involve the strong bonding between genitals that they are strongly stuck by each other that would help the genitals to stay longer connected. This sex position involves the penetration of the penis deep down into the woman's ass or vagina but is an absolute back-end mechanism. The man must stay behind her, placing his penile inclination into a butt-hole or vaginal hole. During this position, the man imposes his whole body weight on her body. The force exerted by the penis involves his whole body weight, too. The breast is the the-best grip during intercourse. This is an extreme pain-stimulating pleasure to the woman and a next-level relaxation stimulated pleasure to the man.

Snake Sex Position

Snake Sex Position involves the whole body to express the stored energy in various body parts. The outcoming energies keep the bodies staying longer in sexual intercourse. This sex position is an extreme yogic and the bodies involved need to be extremely loose and flexible. The face of the man sees his woman's face when his penis is enveloped in her anal cavity. As it is, he would look at the craft drawn at the backside of her head when his penis inclined in the vaginal cavity. That means, the bodies turn and twist such as the snakes do during their sex. This is an extremely spiritual intimation allowing each other to see themselves deep down. The law of attraction is at peaks in this position.

Doggy Style

Dog sex position involves the penis struck tight into the anal cavity that the penis has the least chance of ejaculation. The delay in ejaculation keeps the man from working out for a longer time in bed. As No one weighs nor bears another person, it is easy to stay for a longer time in the bed with no muscle stretches. This position involves the man kneeling behind the woman kneeling in front of him. The kneeled woman bent a little, giving her whole ass to the man behind. The man inserted his penis comfortably for the ass-hole expanded due to the bending of the body at the waist.

Woman on top sex position

In general, men lay above women for he is the force to act. This creates an easiness for man to ejaculate in lesser time and feel the orgasm. However, when the woman is made to lay above the man and giving her access to make the thrusting force would generally don't ejaculate as soon as possible with the man on top. Thus, this sex position is an ultimate option for the woman to do as her man does. The benefit is they would last longer in the bed. Also, as the woman applies thrusting force and becomes tired by some time, then the man can get into action and prolong the sexual duration. 


Spooning is the best sex position that lets man and woman last in the bed for weeks, too. That comfortable and relaxing is this sex position. Also, spooning takes the least amount of energy from the bodies as they sleep in a relaxed position. This position involves a man sleeping beside his woman, with his penis inserted either in the vaginal cavity or the anal cavity. The man or the woman has to just express their love through kissing their lips. They don't even need to spend energy on their genitals. The genitals themselves involve in intense sex that the body won't feel the energy loss. The breathing together involves their genitals moving in the same flow with each other. 

Take Away 

Any sex position is alright for longer sex duration. Man has to train himself when to ejaculate and when to not. This empowerment would allow the man to stay in bed as long as he needed.

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