Sex Positions That Every Woman Love

Sex Positions

Sex and women

Sex is the most intimate relationship between two people who understand each other their urges, needs, passions, problems, desires, etc. Sex is the close behavior between two people who are coupled by marriage or a living relationship. 

Among the two, man and woman, a woman enjoys the most sexual deprivation compared to a man as a man has to work out the exercise where a woman is simply compound to enjoy the whole process. Right from grabbing the heart to breast, piercing the action into either vagina or anus, and tightly holding the buttocks or hips to maintain a grip to the outcoming woman's gravity to the applied man force, man does everything sexually intelligent in order to satisfy his woman.

There are various sexual positions to satisfy women to the peaks of the sexual arousal leading to intense pleasure providing orgasm. The sexual positions differ through the way man and woman intercourse during which the legs and hands display varieties of foreplay.

To study the various intensities and the time prolongation accorded to various sexual positions, there is a written knowledge from ancestry called Kamasutra which means lustrous technique. The various techniques involved in the Kamasutra entertain the woman differently every time the same man enacts different angular momentum in different postures.

As sex is a nature of man and animal, one need not study Kamasutra to coagulate in the sexual passion but it simply educates the person how good or bad one is engaging in the sexual intercourse.

Kamasutra Positions

Kama Sutra is knowledge of sex positions flowed from ancient times to younger generations and would definitely flow through future generations for sex is the basic instinct. In fact, one need not see books to learn how to behave during sexual activity. The hormonal and nervous systems of the human body always strive for sex only. The intimation during sexual intercourse varies from position to position. 

To be considered, there are few sexual positions to enjoy the ultimate intense pain coagulate through the human nerves. It is the freedom of human bodies to enjoy as many as sixty-four positions in 360-degree angular momentum.

There are certain sexual positions that are the ultimate passion of every woman. They strive and thrive to raise her man to score well with his ultra sexual positions during intercourse. Let's discuss the sexual positions that every woman loves.

Straight vaginal intercourse

The sex positions involved in the straight vaginal intercourse involve the penis insertion parallel to the vaginal lineage either by standing or sleeping or sitting inclination. The man and woman who are connected through their genitals in the standing position imply that the woman could stand herself with her feet placed over her man's. With her hands holding his hips or shoulders, she would take a grip over his body.

The engaged body on sexual intention moves back and forth, either his whole body or just his genitals that make little difference from each other. The penis movement needs a great erectile function to engage all alone in the vagina which would last longer action. The body movement could satisfy the whole body of the woman without erection also right from her feet to the vibrating head. The erectile penis during the body movement is even more satisfying.

The sleeping sex position of straight vaginal intercourse is a little comfortable and everlasting. Most of the women like her man's penis inserted in her genital without momentary action. She would love to sleep all night with the nerve relaxation created in the vagina with the solid body displacement. 

Straight vaginal intercourse during sitting position needs her man to take her on his laps and anchor his penis into the vagina with both their hips straight.

Anal Sex

Sexual intercourse through the male genital inserted into the anal cavity of either the female human body or male human body is called anal sex.

Anal cavity is a gathering of a lot of nerves that are passing through genitals, too. Thus, anal sex is a way to go to touch both the A-spot and G-spot at a time.

There are various sex positions possible with anal sex that eases whole body function and muscular joints. The stretches of the body to compose into anal sex flexibles the whole body. Anal Sex is a way to a lot of Kamasutra positions that are high enough pleasures.

Anal sex involves cowgirl sex positions, doggy style sex positions that are of utmost interest to women. They find spinal cord relaxation and abdominal relaxation through anal sex. She would love to entertain his man with her lovely filth stored inside. She would lay all her life in front of him that she physically and mentally relies on to her man.

During the anal sex positions, more than what she loves to her own orgasm, she would extremely desire to satisfy her man which is quite possible with the sexual positions intended in anal sex. 

Take Away 

Sex is the ultimate grooming nature between two people. Naturally, it is the ultimate high between a man and a woman. Of course, a woman would love her man to handle her in all possible sex positions to feel different from day to day. She would accept both his longitudinal and latitudinal directions in thrust. 

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