Rice water for hair: How to make it and its benefits

Rice water for hair

Rice water for hair

Rice has been a staple food all around the world, the benefits of this food are many. Rice has been a huge part of the skincare and haircare in Japan for centuries, however, only now has the world taken a part in this trend. 

In Japan’s ancient Heian period women were blessed with long, shiny, and lustrous hair all thanks to their secret recipe of rice water. Following this claim made over rice water scientists and beauty experts have done their research to find out if rice water does work well for the hair or not. 

Studies done on rice water have found out that it contains inositol which can penetrate deeper into the damaged hair and repair it from the inside out, regular use of rice water on your hair also protects the hair from future damage. 

Well, the beauty industry is vast and filled with upcoming trends, however, rice water is one of the easiest to make and follow. 

How to make rice water at home?

Rice water is not only suitable for your hair but it also works well for your skin, a lot of brands have come up with their rice water toner that can be used on the face, however, you can always make yours at home at almost no cost. Here is how you can make rice water at home

Ingredients you need to make rice water:

  • 1 cup of rice 
  • 2 cups of water 

How to make the rice water:

  • The first step in making rice involves rinsing and straining your rice make sure to remove all the dirt and impurities from the rice as it is going to be used on your hair. 
  • The next step is to mix the strained rice in a medium-size bowl and add in more water, mix the rice and water well until the water becomes cloudy.
  • The next step involves straining the rice, make sure this time you reserve the water. You can always cook the leftover rice or store them for the future.
  • The next step involves putting the rice water in a plastic container and covering it up, let the rice water sit at room temperature for about 12 to 24 hours.
  • You can also refrigerate the rice water until you’re ready to use it, make sure you do not forget to take the rice water in the bathroom to rinse off your hair with it. 
  • You can also fill a small container, like a travel-sized shampoo bottle for when you are traveling as it comes in handy. 

You do not need to worry to work around your rice water you can use it once a week after your shampoo and conditioning, all you need is to take the rice water and rinse off your hair. Try massaging your scalp after pouring the rice water let your roots soak in the goodness of the water. 

Rice water is not only packed with vitamins and minerals but is also a rich source of amino acids, B vitamins, vitamin E, and antioxidants. 

Benefits of rice water for hair 

Let us talk about some of the amazing benefits that rice water has on your hair.

Reduces frizziness 

Several studies done on rice water have found out that, it helps in reducing frizziness from hair. Rice water also works in improving the elasticity, texture, and lesser friction and frizz. This is possible because rice water largely contains inositol, a carbohydrate that helps the hair texture improve over time. 

Works as a natural cleanser 

Rice water can be used as a natural cleanser it does not contain any toxic or harmful chemicals which can harm the hair and its texture. You can use it once or twice a week according to your like. 

Pair it up with a natural conditioner to get more benefits from it. 

Balances the pH levels

Rice water also helps in balancing the pH levels of your scalp. Often when we use products that contain harmful chemicals our scalp gets irritated and loses its natural oils. With regular use of rice water, you not only cleanse your scalp but also maintain a healthy balance of your natural oils. 

You can also add a few drops of essential oil to your rice water to make it even more effective and calming for your scalp.

Improves hair strength 

Inositol in rice water helps in improving the strength of the hair follicles. If you often face hair fall then you can give rice water a try and you will see a huge difference in the texture and strength of your hair. 

Take Away 

Rice water is a great natural cleanser that you can easily make at home, it is cost-effective and works like magic on your hair. If you have never tried rice water then this is the sign to make your rice water at home following the method that we mentioned above. Hope this works for all our readers. 

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