Pimples on the Face after sex

Pimples on the Face after sex

Pimples and Acne

Imagine waking up one morning with pimples on your face after a night of good sex. Is there anything that irritates you more than this? And as this happens more frequently, you begin to wonder if sex is the cause of these break outs. People have always had and will always have reservations about sex. During intercourse, a certain amount of sebum is produced, as well as bacteria known as P. acne. Acne is triggered by the presence of all of these factors. 

However, this isn't the only cause of acne. So, when it comes to sex and acne, one must understand that it is not intercourse that causes acne. It is the other aspects of sex that lead to one.  You will no longer be perplexed as to where these dreadful-looking breakouts originate. We'll explain why sex plays a role in acne development. You'll be pleasantly pleased! 

So, is sex the cause of acne? Both yes and no. The reality is that throughout puberty, the number of sexual hormones is higher, which can increase your sexual urge. Sebum production is also increased by sexual hormones. When bacteria (known as P. acnes) and sebum (oil) are present, acne can form. This is the only link between sex and acne that can be established. So, while sex is not the sole cause of acne, it may play a role in its growth in a roundabout way. 

  1. Hair on the Face

Face hair is another factor that contributes to acne caused by sex. Confused? If you have sex with a man who has a thick, long beard, his beard will most likely be rubbed all over your face. This friction irritates your skin and encourages the creation of oil. Acne is caused by excess oil clogging the pores. If your smooth skin rubs against a hairy face, you're more likely to get acne

  1. Hair products used by both men and women

Another cause of post-coital acne is hair products. According to experts, during intercourse, body components, including hair, rub against each other. Men and women who frequently use hair products should be especially cautious during sex. Hair products are mixed up with sweat, which subsequently reaches a person's face, because humans sweat a lot during sex. And this is how acne appears. While hair products may benefit your hair, they are detrimental to your skin, especially with all the sweat. 

  1. If there are any stains on the sheets

If you're planning on having sex with a man who doesn't believe in cleanliness, you should think twice about it. Before you decide to have sex, double-check your date's rooms. We say this because multiple studies have found that if you see open chips bags, food crumbles, or soiled garments on your partner's bed, sex on the same bed will most likely spread a lot of bacteria. 

People frequently develop acne after intercourse because of dirty bed sheets. Acne can be caused by the oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria found on unwashed bed sheets. So, either maintain your bedding or beds clean, or make intelligent decisions. 

  1. Make a sweat

Sex entails a great deal of physical exertion and movement, so it's only natural that there will be a lot of sweat. When two bodies are forced against each other and there is a lot of friction, acne can develop. One of the causes could be sweat, bodily oils, or germs. So, the next time you have sex with your lover, make sure you clean up after yourself so there is no sweat left behind. You will be able to avoid acne problems in this manner. 

  1. Massage oils of any type

Massage oils are often considered to be sexually beneficial and increase sexual desire. They provide adequate lubrication. If you already have acne-prone skin, though, massage oils should be avoided. The most sensitive places are your face, back, and chest, and if you've applied oils to those areas and observed acne, you know why. The skin already produces more oils, so adding more will only exacerbate the problem. 

Take Away

These are some of the components of sex that might cause acne. However, there has been no conclusive proof that sex causes acne. If there has ever been a mention of it, it is believed that the hormone androgens, which is created during puberty, can cause acne or not.

Apart from the causes we've mentioned, there are no additional factors that can lead to post-sex acne. You can avoid these abrupt outbreaks by being clean and using healthy sex habits and maintain a proper skincare routine. 

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