Neem powder benefits for hair
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Neem powder benefits for hair

Neem powder for hair

Neem powder for hair 

Neem tree is a tropical plant native to India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and other tropical countries. Its scientific name goes by Azadirachta indica of the Meliaceae family and grows up to 65 to 115 feet tall. 

Neem is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine for treating external and internal health conditions. It is also used in other traditional treatments like Chinese medicine, Unani, Siddha, etc. The medicinal properties of neem are distinct, and all the parts of the tree from flowers, leaves, bark, twigs, seeds are incorporated in various therapeutic formulations.

Benefits of neem leaf powder for hair

Neem leaves have numerous properties which can fight many skin and hair problems. Neem powder has several proven benefits for hair and can be said to your remedy for almost all hair problems. It nourishes, strengthens, fights scalps infection, gives thick and frizz-free smooth hair in no time.

Treats dandruff

Dandruff is caused by a fungal infection of a fungus called Malassezia that feeds on dead skin cells and sebum. If the fungus overeats the scalp, it will lead to dandruff. Sometimes dandruff is also caused due to excessive dryness in the scalp.

Add neem leaves in coconut oil and boil it for a few minutes and add a teaspoon of lemon juice. Let the oil cool down and apply it to the scalp.

Or you can use neem powder and lemon juice as a hair mask. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse it with a mild shampoo.

Alternatively, use neem powder and curb mixture to exfoliate and moisturize the scalp. Apply this paste to the scalp and hair length. Leave it for 15-20 minutes, and then rinse it off.

Treats fungal infections

Neem is known for its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and antiseptic properties. Neem is used to treat many fungal infections associated with hair and skin. Neem powder is also known to maintain pH levels. It hydrates your scalp and keeps it refreshed. Neem powder also helps in getting rid of dirt, excess oil, and hair masks with neem powder in it must be included in your weekly hair care regime.

Restores damaged hair

Using excessive chemical products and heating equipment can damage your hair permanently. To provide the nourishment and protection that you need, use neem powder. A good massage with neem powder and hot coconut oil can improve blood circulation in the scalp and help to reduce the symptoms of damaged hair. Its regular use can keep your hair moisturized, nourished, and healthy. Neem powder improves the texture of your hair, strengthens hair, and gives them a natural glow.

Treats hair fall

A healthy scalp is essential for healthy hair. Due to its antimicrobial properties, neem leaves maintain scalp health. Excessive sebum (natural oils produced by hair follicles) clogs pores and causes inflammation in the damaging scalp. Neem leaf powder helps get rid of excessive sebum.

Take a few tablespoons of neem powder and heat till it forms a paste. Apply this paste on your scalp with your fingers and let it sit for 30 minutes.  Wash your hair with cold water.

Gets rid of lice

Lice are known as Pediculosis capitis, tiny parasites that live on human hair and feed on blood drawn from the scalp. Use neem powder hair masks mentioned above to curb the life cycle of this insect. Alternatively, you can use neem leaf powder, fenugreek seed powder, coconut oil, and a few drops of neem oil. Add some water to this mixture to make a paste and apply it as a hair mask. Use a mild shampoo and wash it off with neem water by boiling some neem leaves in water.

Treats split ends and frizziness

Neem leaf powder is also used to treat split ends and frizzy hair to strengthen your hair. 

Take 2-3 tablespoons of neem powder, add one egg white, one cup of curd, and a teaspoon of honey. Mix these ingredients into a thick paste and apply it to the entire hair length. Leave it on your hair for 45 minutes and wash it off with a mild shampoo.

How to make neem leaf powder

Take a few fresh leaves of neem and sundry them for 2-3 days until the moisture from the leaves gets dried completely. Once dried, the leaves will be dry and crispy.

Put the leaves in a blender and grind them for 3-5 minutes until it becomes a fine powder.

Store it in an airtight container.

Take Away 

Neem powder has many benefits for hair and skin. It is widely used in Ayurvedic, Chinese, Unani, and Siddha traditional medicines. It is gaining popularity in western countries as well. Neem powder can improve hair texture, protect hair from damage, fight fungal infections, and fight bacterial infection. It also helps in getting rid of dandruff, lice and even decreases hair fall.