Amazing benefits of eating kokum fruit
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Amazing benefits of eating kokum fruit

Amazing benefits of eating kokum fruit

Kokum fruit

Kokum fruit which is also known as Garcinia Indica is actually native to India and is known by many different names in different regions of India. It is also sometimes referred to as kokum butter tree or Goa butter tree, Bheranda in the Marathi language, and vrikshamla in the Sanskrit language, also by different names in many other languages. It mainly grows on the Western ghats of India but it can also be found in some eastern and north-eastern states of Indian territory.

What is kokum?

Kokum is a summer fruit that is also called the name of Indian Butter Tree and is also a fruit-bearing tree. All parts of this Kokum tree which is its seeds, fruits, and peels have numerous health benefits. Even the dried peel of this kokum fruit is used as a flavouring agent in many Indian curries.

As mentioned this kokum fruit is widely used for many culinary purposes like for the picking up of fish which is called Colombo curing, for making kinds of drinks, even for the manufacturing of cosmetics, etc. but above all kokum fruit, is used in much ayurvedic medicine for its numerous health uses.

Kokum fruit has been used for ages due to nutrients richness like:     

  • It is used as an antacid.
  • It may also help in the enhancement of heart wellness.
  • It may also help in safeguarding your liver against several diseases
  • It may also be used as an analgesic for relieving pain.
  • It also has anti-inflammatory properties for relievo swelling
  • It may also have anti-dermatitis properties which may help you with allergic skin rashes
  • It may also have an antiperspirant characteristic for reducing sweating 
  • It may be used as an astringent
  • It is also used for relieving irritation of the mucous membranes present in the mouth.

5 Kokum fruit benefits

The following are the major use of kokum fruit for health-:

  • Kokum is used for strengthening the digestive system

  • Kokum fruit might help to protect your liver. Hence it may be used as a great liver tonic. Also, Kokum might help in digesting your food. It also acts as a natural effective antacid. When kokum is combined with yoghurt and some salt it may help you in treating gastric ulceration and the heart-burning sensation.

  • Use of Kokum for excess body fat

  • Kokum proves helpful in your weight management system as it might help in reducing your hunger and may also help in increasing the expenditure of your energy level. It may also strengthen your system by suppressing the production of fatty acids in your body and helping in their easy conversion into glycogen, which is stored in your liver.

  • Potential uses of kokum fruit for your skin

  • Kokum when consumed in the butter form has great potential moisturizing properties. Therefore kokum is widely used in the cosmetic industry for the preparation of many cosmetic products like lip balms, soap, and body lotions.

  • Potential uses of kokum fruit for treating cancer

  • In much clinical research, it was found that garcinol which is one of the three major components of kokum fruit might help you in fighting against cancer by inhibiting the activity of an enzyme that is known to be the major cause of cancer and also facilitate the total destruction of cancer cells.

  • Potential uses of kokum for fighting infections

  • Kokum fruit is very effective against the growth of bacteria and therefore also has the potential effectiveness as an antibiotic in certain special cases. When it is known that many conventional antibiotics have some side effects when used regularly, one of the active components of kokum fruit, Garcinol, can be used as an excellent alternative.

    Is kokum good for health?

    • Kokum fruit might help with your gastric ulcer disease as well as other ulcers of the skin and the mouth.
    • Kokum fruit has anti-inflammatory properties and also has many effective potential uses in helping with rheumatic pains.
    • It also helps in protecting your brain from any injury.
    • Kokum fruit's excellent antioxidant properties might aid you in conserving the protein level that prevents the sagging of your skin after a time and in the development of facial wrinkles.

    Though there are many clinical studies that show the potential uses of kokum fruit in certain conditions, these prove insufficient when more facts are required to treat other ailments. So there is a need for further in-depth studies to establish the major extent of kokum fruit benefits on various aspects of human health.

    Can we drink kokum daily?

    Although there is no bar or definite time frame to drink Kokum juice daily, it is always recommended to drink Kokum in moderation.  Kokum is more commonly used in the hot season of summer as a cool refreshing drink to protect your body against sunstroke and dehydration

    Kokum fruit juice is prepared from Kokum fruit that can be consumed at any time of the season as it proves very good for digestive issues. As per ayurveda theory, the kokum fruit in dried form consumed as a kokum juice is an effective natural remedy to enhance your digestive fire and also improve your body's pachan shakti which is the digestive power.

    Is kokum hot or cold?

    Kokum fruit naturally cools down your body. Kokum has been used for ages to treat the problem of dehydration because of its natural cooling properties. It acts as a cool refreshing drink to be consumed in the summer season and gives you instant relief from the scorching heat of the sun.

    Kokum side effects

    Kokum fruit might have certain side effects when anyone crises its consumption out of the moderation limit but there are insufficient clinical reports that show the side effects of having kokum. Therefore, still more studies are to be done to state the side effects of consuming kokum. 

    So it is just the level of moderation consumption plus due to its cooling tendency it must be avoided being consumed in the winter season. Moreover, if you experience any other side effects then you should immediately consult your doctor before continuing the consumption of kokum.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Does kokum increase blood pressure?

    Kokum fruit is quite low in calories but also rich in fibre content. It has zero cholesterol content and is a powerful antioxidant to go for. It helps to keep our blood pressure level under check because of the presence of some important minerals like potassium,  magnesium, and manganese levels. All of these factors help in protecting our hearts.

    2. How much kokum per day?

    It is recommended to have 1-2 tsp of kokum syrup once a day.

    3. Can we eat kokum directly?

    Kokum juice is consumed as a delicious, tasty, and cooling summer drink. All parts of the kokum fruit like its seeds are quite rich in nutritional content and have the overall benefit of your body in many known ways of building your natural immunity.


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