Is Penis Envy A Real Thing?

penis envy is the emotional attachment of a man to his penis in any way from liking to disliking or becoming confident to confused

Penis Envy

Penis envy is a real thing that might be happening right from human existence but was discovered or given a theoretical notion by Sigmund Freud. To be precise, penis envy is not a thing but a feeling.

Any feeling towards the penis would simply lead to penis envy in one way or another from feeling good or feeling bad. 

What is Penis Envy?

Penis envy is the love turned into envy or jealousy by a young age girl with respect to her gender obtained. Penis envy is a phenomenal condition of the young girl child to see her own self missing penis.

Most of the people are born either male or female, that is, there are typically two conditions at birth named as assigned male at birth (AMAB) and assigned female at birth (AFAB).

Penis envy is the reason behind the extraordinary love of a woman towards her partner and the same reason is why they love to sleep with a man in order to bring out a son.

Penis envy is also regarded as the extreme desire of the couple to see a penis to their offspring which in absence would lead to the feeling of disappointment or dissatisfaction or misunderstanding.

Penis envy is one of the major reasons for gender inequality today. Penis envy is the reason today for the imbalance in the gender population.

A wife and husband were disappointed on seeing the baby with no penis. This is one kind of envy.

The other kind of penis envy is a young girl's or girl child's brain notion towards sexual and psychoanalysis. 

A girl child could get anxious on observing and understanding that she does not have penis like the male beauty or beast.

These criteria need not be the same for all the young girls who develop in their growth in body state and mental state.

The thing called penis envy is first put into the scientific conversation and then happened to the controversy by Sigmund Freud. 

A psychological doctor or researcher or scientist would definitely not allow any of the matter irrespective of it could even be socially spoken.

Penis envy is another way called having passionate dislike to another male's penis due to maybe really not a likeable lookout and shape out whereas there could also be a chance to the goodness or the greatness of the penis being existent. 

Penis envy could also be given name to feelings one have towards one's own penis carriage. The penis could be short or medium or long enough to be extraordinary, still making no sense to psychological people. The people are basically psychologically living. They would have a certain amount of penis interest in their minds. 

Coming to women's feelings in the matter of penis envy, there are women who really dream of having to be their own either having one attached to the body itself or extreme possession over the penis being entering her private space.

There are certain woman types who extremely freak out at seeing a turned on penis. They think it is inhumane and out of rule. They could most probably fall ill screaming at a great fear or awkward exhibiting. These decent women dislike the wilderness hidden in the male nature and may become obsessive or maniac or completely irritated or embarrassed to a point where they name it sexual abuse also.

Few women have penis envy for the natural existence of the penis itself. They could either pray god for having it in their life or there are women who are put to sexual abuse using penis more in custody, would become extreme freak out at the basic style of shaping out from flaccid to an erection. 

Penis envy is now a common understanding in LGBTQ climate to feminist vs masculine debating weather.

Penis envy is also born over one own sexual defects like premature ejaculation or any other ineffectual or disordered observance.

In basic and simple conclusion, penis envy is the emotional attachment of a man to his penis in any way from liking to disliking or becoming confident to confused or bondage to disinterested.

Penis envy is also a hot topic between a gang of girls or friends on sex. They could discuss their boyfriend's penis and make jealous feelings for one another.

Penis envy is a strong subject in the matter of woman masturbation. Their simple thought process in mind on the penis and the relative envy could spill drops at the spot without even any physical force.

Penis envy has become one of the worst reasons for men to get converted to another gender in the LGBT. There are men who are not satisfied with their penis thereby getting into mind delusions to get remove their penis and be a different gender person in the society.

Take Away

Penis envy has become one of the notions of warfare in the egoistic world. There are cases in which movies also made that when a man has used his penis to sleep with a woman of a delusional upper-class family, the man is dragged to cut off his penis.

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