Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

Follicular unit transplantation is a technique that costs low and is really very effective.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a widely used technique for mending hair. This procedure is nothing but donating the hair follicles from the body parts to the scalp and fixing the hair and it is guarded by a dermatologist in a hospital by using micrografting technology, and the one who is undergoing this process is infused with anaesthesia, while undergoing the process. 

From the past decade, this procedure has been renovated in the process. Nowadays this technique is highly used by film stars to fix the hair and to refill the youthfulness. The hair transplant process is monotonous work and does not assure any recovery or relieve one from the situation, but it is permanent.

In the due course of implantation of hair in the thinning region of the scalp, it takes time to sustain and recover because thereafter the grafting of the hair can shed up to three to four months. Subsequently implanted hair after healing can grow normally with the normal one and fill those patchy spaces in the scalp. The implanted hair and the old hair synchronize and grow normally; implanted hair follicles have termination day; as you grow old, so do the hair and start shedding. 

There is a probability that your foremost transplant is not the ultimate one because there are few people who are told by a doctor that they need multiple surgeries for their desired hair. Another category of people is those who are satisfied with their result after the first transplant, make up their mind, for another time to fill the patchy spaces at the sideline of the scalp. 

Two types of methods are performed presently:

  1. Follicular unit transplantation: In this procedure, they take off the hair follicle from the back of the head and place them in the patchy regions of the scalp. It is cost-effective and an easy process. When compared but it is the best in collecting required grafts per day.

  2. Follicular unit extraction: In these techniques, they perforate hair from all over the head and implant them in patchy regions of the head. Scars are not traced even after the ten days of treatment. Fast healing from the implantation and also can get involved in normal activities after a week.

Reasons for hair thinning include:

  • Hereditary 
  • Aging
  • Improper Diet
  • Pollution and radiations
  • Sickness
  • Cancer
  • Stress and depression

Hair Transplantation Cost in India

Hair transplantation is a broadly used technique nowadays, to restore lost hair. In India hair transplant costs 60,000-70,000, when we look into foreign countries it is gonna cost 10,000$ for one session. So, India is the only platform for foreigners to get implantation treatments, they really have to come to developing countries to follow up procedures. In India prices differ from person to person, significantly depending on the count of grafts, procedures and pattern of baldness.

Follicular unit transplantation is a technique that costs low and is really very effective. Doctors in India are very skillful in performing the transplantation, so the cost is a bit high. Hair implantation is a direct procedure to refill those empty spaces in the scalp. 

It has a micro healing interval, therefore, most foreigners prefer India for transplantation as it involves a minimum of three days to a maximum of seven days to get done with transplantation. Accommodation and travel expenses are cheap, so medical tourists prefer India for hair transplantation. 

Disadvantages of Hair Transplant

By not following a few guidelines admitted by the physicians after the transplant may lead to serious issues for the person who underwent implantation procedure, these are a few disadvantages stated below, in the case of unfollowing certain rules addressed by doctors. 

Primarily, people with heart diseases should not proceed with the hair implantation process, they should consult the doctor before the transplant. 

Secondly alcoholics and smokers. It is mandatory to quit smoking and drinking for 4 weeks before undergoing hair implantation because, as it may let internal bleeding due to some reactions. 

Pregnant women can get hair transplants without any restriction and it does cause any harm as it just involves the head and scalp.

Some of the side effects of hair transplantation are:

  • Inflammation of the scalp, itching and contamination of hair follicles are the most frequent complexities of the treatment.

  • In a few cases, there might be a probability of losing the implanted hair and this condition is termed as “SHOCK LOSS”.

  • Small bumps appear on the scalp, because, the probability of death of implanted hair before its regeneration, which leads to bumps in the scalp.

  • The probability of evolving scars is increased due to the reduction of the scalp during implantation. 
  • Frequent touching in implanted areas may cause infections.

  • Shedding of hair continuously after hair implantation is called graft dislodgement. If it occurs immediately consult a physician.

  • Increase in the crust.

  • Bleeding.

  • Swelling of the scalp.

Take Away

If a person is not taking post hair transplantation care, then the treated portion may lead to the above hazards.

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