Is amla powder safe for hair?

Amla Powder for Hair


Amla is an ayurvedic miracle also known as the Indian Gooseberry. It is a fruit that is commonly found in India which has impeccable health benefits. Amla can also be eaten as fruit, however, it has a very sour taste and a pungent smell to it, it is often dried out to make amla powder or amla oil. All products made out of amla are incredibly useful.

Most people prefer squeezing out Amla juice and adding it to their smoothies or juices. While amla has great health benefits it is also widely used in hair care. Amla fruit is enriched with a high dose of Vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidants, it is one of the best ayurvedic medicines to treat health problems and hair problems all at once. 

Today we will be talking about the benefits of amla powder for hair which is widely used in various hair packs.

Benefits Of Amla fruit 

The benefits of Amla fruit are beyond and above anything you could imagine, the fruit can be used as an oil, and can be consumed for great health. You can also use Amla powder to make a hair mask. Here are some of the benefits of adding Amla fruit to your diet. 

  • Helps in lowering and controlling cholesterol levels
  • Helps in lowering and controlling blood sugar levels
  • Helps in improving brain health and function
  • Helps in reducing the effects of premature aging
  • Helps in improving vision
  • Helps in reducing the risk of cancer or any chronic diseases
  • Helps in improving and controlling blood pressure
  • Helps in improving cardiovascular health
  • Helps in reducing sinus congestion
  • Helps in improving digestion 

Benefits Of Amla Powder for Hair 

The research done on Amla fruit has proven that it is 100% natural and safe for our hair, body, and skin and can be used in any form. A lot of people like eating amla fruit or squeezing out fresh Amla juice. Let us talk about the benefits of Amla powder for hair. 

Hair growth

The supplements, nutrients, and minerals present in amla help in expanding scalp dissemination and help the scalp to get healthy. Vitamin C of amla produces collagen protein. This aids in promoting hair growth, both length, and volume. Collagens supplant the dead cells of hair follicles with new hair cells. 

Acts as a natural hair conditioner

Amla can support, fortify and condition your hair in this way making it gleaming and adding volume to your hair. One amla contains up to 81.2 percent of moisture content. Those with dry hair, presently you realize what to do. In addition, on the off chance that you have slick hair, use amla powder, it will absorb all the excess oil present on your scalp.

Treats Dandruff

Dandruff is typically the consequence of dryness. This vitamin C-rich juice fixes the dryness and forestalls the gathering of dandruff. Amla's Vitamin C is mitigating in addition to its enemy of bacterial properties that can stop dandruff and furthermore the irritation brought about by it, on the scalp. 

Further develops pigmentation

Most of the hair shading packs contain amla in them as it helps in battling pigmentation. It likewise helps in staining making the hair long and delectable. Also, keep our hair and scalp clean to stay away from pigmentation. Amla and its enemy of microbial properties, won't simply exile hair smell yet it will likewise eliminate the microorganisms 

Provides strength to the hair 

Amla juice fills in as a useful tonic for both skin and hair. It reinforces your hair follicles consequently working with hair development and fortifying the hair. Also, the roots keep up with shading and further develop shine. Eating fresh amla or applying amla powder as a pack on your hair or face can have great benefits.

Adds shine 

Amla powder can be added to the homemade hair packs to add a characteristic glossy to your hair. Try to apply it consistently to have better outcomes. The overflow of vitamin C amla can assist with ending premature turning gray. Assuming you need to improve the normal shade of your hair, you should simply blend amla powder with henna powder. 

Thickening of hair

With its supplements and other helpful properties, drinking amla juice routinely or essentially applying it can make your hair thicker and bouncier. Amla has vitamin C, which is helped by different minerals, supplements, amino acids, and cell reinforcements, and so forth. That helps Amla in battling against all the hair debilitating variables and thickens hair.

Take Away 

Amla is truly god-sent, it has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial for our hair, body, and skin. Amla powder is safe to use but make sure you are using 100% natural amla powder. We hope you liked the information we shared above, do use amla powder in your hair mask and see the difference for yourself. 

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