Hydration or moisturisation: What does your beard need?

Hydration or moisturisation

Hydration or moisturisation

Beard is no less than a fashion statement these days. Beards have been a part of history, culture and religion. Beards have also been in vogue for decades.

The fullness and health of facial hair have always been associated with manliness and impression. Beards were regarded as royal adornments, symbols of wealth, power and authority. In the new millennium, beards emerged as a fashion trend. 

When you are growing a beard, there is a lot of importance to be kept on the quality of the hair that you are growing. While the density of the hair and proper grooming plays a crucial role in making your beard look fuller, beard hydration and moisturization are equally important.

A healthy beard is an indicator of good health inside out. Thus, while growing a beard, keeping it hydrated and moisturized is as important as anything else.

The purpose of this article is to brief you about whether your beard needs hydration or moisturization.

Why Does Beard Need Hydration?

The underlying reason for keeping your beard hydrated is to know that having well-hydrated skin significantly enhances the overall growth of your hair. Hydration helps in keeping the quality of your skin better as well. It helps in increasing the elasticity of your skin without drying up the natural moisture.

Hydration is the main factor that is required for the healthy growth of a beard. Without hydration, a beard cannot grow properly. The lack of water in skin and hair causes beard dandruff and breakage. Moisture gives a glow to hair and beard.

Beards are like our crowning glory. They make us look handsome and manly. But when the summer season is in full swing and the heat is playing havoc with your body, you might be able to see some beards fall out because of dehydration. 

This is because your body is not able to retain much of the water due to heat exhaustion and dehydration. Given such conditions, it is very important to maintain a good supply of water inside your body. Water is crucial for our survival and as it turns out, it's also important for our beards too.

Why Does Beard Need Moisturization?

Moisturizing your beard helps soothe irritation and enables the beard hair to grow without creating friction on your face. The moisturization of the beard helps in repairing damaged beard hair and prevents beard dandruff. Moisturizers enable proper pogonotrophy by reducing tangles and making it easier to shape the beard.

It is essential to take care of our beards as they are prone to dryness too. Dryness in the beard is a common condition that affects overall health. It is very important that a man understands that if he takes care of the health of his beard, he can have healthier skin in general and this will help him prevent acne and other skin problems. 

Use a light oil-free moisturizer/lotion. Always remember that natural oils are your friend. So choose a moisturizer that is oil-based, and has beard-friendly ingredients. Using beard oil can keep your beard moisturized and will also save the skin from drying.

5 Easy and Simple Beard Care Tips

  1. Start with a clean face because the skin underneath your beard is sensitive, treat it with the utmost care by using moisturizing products that won’t irritate delicate skin.
  2. Wash it gently with a shampoo specially designed for beards. Avoid ingredients like sulphates, chlorine, etc that can damage your beard.
  3. For the shaving part, use a multi-blade razor & never shave dry skin to prevent ingrown hairs or redness.
  4. Trim your beard once in a while. Get your hands on the right tools to shape your beard and get the finest look. It can give your beard a healthier and fuller appearance, enhancing the growth process as well.
  5. Brushing your beard hair can stimulate hair growth, reducing the frequency of knots. If your facial hair looks uneven, brush all the hair in the same direction to get a decent look.

Beard hair is naturally coarser than the hair on your scalp. So, if you experience irritation or itchiness, it may indicate that your beard is dry. Beard oils are a type of moisturizer that may help you prevent beard dandruff, itchiness, brittle hair, etc.

A perfect beard care pack that includes Derma Roller, Biotin Tablets, Beard growth Shampoo, and Minoxidil Topical Solution can help in beard growth, provides proper hydration, moisturization and nutrition to your skin and can make your beard hair smoother & healthy. 

Apart from using effective beard products, you will also have to follow a wholesome diet to prevent nutrient deficiencies and provide enough moisture and hydration to your beard. Nutrient deficiencies can disrupt your beard growth. So, including saturated fatty acids in your diet because they are needed to produce sebum, which is the natural oil produced by our body to protect the skin and hair.

Take Away

Hydration and moisturization both are equally essential to keep your beard healthy and full of life. Always remember that your beard hair and skin beneath the beard are part of your body too and should be treated with utmost care.

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