How To Take Care Of Beard While Wearing A Mask

Beard and mask

Take Care Of Beard While Wearing Mask

It’s been more than a year since the pandemic has drastically shifted our much busy, hectic lifestyle to a mundane work from home lifestyle. While many activities and routines have changed completely, the same thing goes with a beard.  Your beard care routine and styles have to match the current scenario. Since the 2nd wave of this Covid pandemic and the increase of active cases are increasing at an alarming rate, it is your safety you need to put first. Keeping a lengthy beard might be problematic while going out.

Here are few tips to take care of your beard while wearing a mask

  • Trim your beard: We know how attached you are to your beard and how seriously you take care of it. But the terrible situation demands something else. It is advisable to shave your beard to avoid mask fabric from slipping on your face. Medium and long length beards do not support the mark to sit on your chin.
  • If you are someone who spends long hours in masks, there is a high chance that your beard will become a breeding ground for microbes. We know its an advice that you don’t like as a beard lover. Alternatively, you can trim your beard so that mask fits in perfectly. Center for disease control and prevention suggests avoiding beard styles; if not, they might not help in sealing the mouth and nose region.
  • Dry your beard: if you have a thick beard, make sure to dry them out well before stepping out and wearing a mask. Wearing long hours of masks, your beard is definitely likely to be damp and itchy. 
  • In case if you have any allergies, please used mild products which are paraben and sulfate-free
  • Keep your skin beneath the beard healthy by regularly moisturizing with beard products or even oils. This will help in retaining moisture from the skin.
  • Do not run your hand through the beard with your hand while wearing a mask, as it might spread any infections spread.
  • Wash your masks, especially the cotton clothes masks need regularly, and disinfectant  your beard
  • Avoid using beard oils to cause oily skin if they’re using while masking, and that too in rainy seasons.
  • Keep your beard clean: regularly washing of beard with beard grooming products such s beard shampoo. Wash your beard at least 2-3 times a week; if you go out daily, wash it once a day. Also, use a brush, beard wax or beard balm, etc.
  • Choose a suitable mask: use a large-sized, good fit, or tight fit mask, so there isn’t any seal break anywhere. Make sure your face mask does not trap any beard and cause irritation
  • If you are willing to grow a medium or lengthy beard, then avoid ear loop masks as the mask has no chin to rest coupons and hence slips up often. When you are selecting your masks, choose the ones which you can tie back, which ensures that your mouth region is completely sealed.

Take Away 

Since the onset of the coronavirus, people have drastically shifted toward new normal. Do not step out without a proper mask, and make sure your mask is sealed correctly.

Regularly washing beard, moisturizing beard, and trimming beard can help you keep the viral infections at bay and also help to maintain good beard growth.

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