How to style your hair if you have a receding hairline

Receding Hairline

Receding Hairline 

So, you're losing your hair. Admitting it is the first step toward recovery. We may now go on to dealing with hair loss and figuring out how to look nice while doing so. You have an option as your hairline recedes on your head. You may either cling fiercely to your youth and imagine you still have a head full of hair, or you can gracefully deal with it. Our guide to the greatest men's haircuts for a receding hairline can keep you looking young for the rest of your life.

  1. Clean shave

The clean shave is the ultimate approach to look at a receding hairline inside the eyes and say "no." It's a look that doesn't suit everyone, and you'll probably only find out whether you can carry it off after you've already taken the plunge. However, if your head shape complements the face and you can rock the bald appearance with confidence, this is an appearance you might be able to pull off if you have severe hair fall. With a long beard, the clean shave creates a sense of equilibrium on an otherwise hairless head.

2. Buzz cut haircut

The buzz cut is a somewhat longer and less severe alternative to the clean shave. It's the traditional military-inspired style that's kind to thinning hair while also being simple to maintain. The buzz cut also highlights your facial features, making them appear more distinct. Your face appears more chiseled when you draw others' eyes from your hairline downward to your brow line. For a more new take on the standard buzz cut, choose tapered sides.

3. Faux hawk haircut

The faux hawk is a helpful haircut for the receding gentlemen, however its popularity ebbs and falls. The faux hawk takes use of a receding hairline by focusing attention on the center of the hairline or rather than the temples. Don't be frightened off by the word; the faux hawk could still be a short, delicate style.

4. Comb over hairstyles

We're not talking about a haircut like Prince Charles' or, God forbid, Donald Trump's. The comb over haircut is quite popular among guys, whether or not they are balding. By employing a receding hairline as the lowest level in your hair's natural part line, the comb over works nicely for balding brothers. This gives your hair an unnatural sense of weight.

5. Short slicked back hairstyle

The short slicked back haircut is a clean and versatile style for men with receding hairlines, similar to the comb over. By keeping the cut short, you avoid calling attention to the hairline and adding too much emphasis to the top of your hair's sides.

6. Regulation cut haircut

Another military-inspired haircut, but this one is a little longer. The regulation cut is an exact replica of a longer-haired military style. The regulation is brushed through with a defined part and has lengthier, scissor-cut sides for a traditional look. This style, like other comb over variations, emphasizes the hairline as a highlight of the part.

7. Longer hairstyle

If your hair remains thick but receding, you might be able to experiment with a longer style. A longer hairstyle has the added benefit of concealing the region above your temples that is most likely to be showing signs of receding hairline. The lengthier cut is a more chaotic alternative that not every man can or should try. A longer cut, with the correct sense of style, can take years off your appearance.

8. Short messy hairstyle

The lengthier look is not an option for many gentlemen. Keeping your hair short and neat, on the other hand, may not appeal to the rebel in you. A short, layered hairstyle allows you to choose between a controlled length and an untidy appearance. Blow-dry to enhance both volume and the textured style, and have your barber leave a little more length toward your hairline.

9. Short high fade haircut

The short high fade haircut is a more dramatic style for a receding hairline. You may alter how your hairline is seen by trimming the sides and tapering the length from the ground up. A higher fade will detract attention from a receding hairline and focus it on your longer top hair. The style works best for males who have a receding hairline.

How to fix a receding hairline?

The first step is to figure out why your hair is receding in the first place. Androgenetic alopecia, often known as male pattern balding, stress, bad nutrition and lifestyle, a medical condition, or medication could all be factors. You'll be capable of making remedial selections once you know. Improved diet, including extra protein, Omega 3, and vitamin C, as well as increased water and exercise, are all options. If it isn't enough, hair growth products are a great alternative. Hair transplants are a medical procedure that transfers hair follicles from one place of your head to the receding area as a last resort.

Take Away 

There is a possibility for rejuvenating your locks as long as follicles are intact. Unfortunately, if the follicles are damaged, scarred, or have vanished, you won't have much luck. Hair growth products are the most efficient approach for regrowing hair. If that doesn't work, hair transplants, a surgical procedure that transfers hair follicles from one portion of your scalp to the thinning area, may be a possibility.

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