How To Stop Beard Itch: Best Remedies

Beard Itching

Be it your first time growing beard or years of growing beard, beard itch is very common problem men face.

Beard  grows due to androgenic hormones, i.e., testosterone. Testosterone is converted into Dihydrotestosterone which is main factor for beard growth.

Causes of Beard Itch

Beard hair when it grows after shaving,  can scratch  follicles causing itchiness.

Dry skin , medically known as xerosis can cause beard itch. It is caused due to dry, and cold weathers. It can also occur due to harsh shampoos, soaps and products you use on your beard.

Ingrown hair occurs when beard after shaving, grows back in its follicle instead of coming out of skin. This cause inflammation, bumpy skin and itchiness

Beard dandruff or beardruff, known as seborrheic dermatitis in medical terminology, causes flaky, red and scaly beard skin. It cause itchiness.

How to stop itchiness in beard?

Here is a beard regime for you to follow every alternate day to ensure a good beard health and get rid of beard itch

  • Wash

Regularly washing beard with good quality bears shampoo or beard wash. It will help your beard to cleanse and exfoliate dead skin underneath the beard. Your scalp hair and beard hair are totally different and require different shampoos. Using hair shampoo on beard can cause more damage to beard. Use a mild beard shampoo which can maintain the natural oils produced in the beard and also cleanse them. Make sure the beard shampoo is paraben, silicone and sulphate free. These chemicals cause more harm to beard than benefit.

Take a small amount of beard shampoo in your palms and spread it in your hands, apply the shampoo in your hands in circular motions near the roots of the beards and in straight up and down motions to your beard length. Gently rinse the shampoo in your beard until it is completely gone.

  • Condition

Using beard conditioner is necessary if you have a medium to lengthy beard. Its helps in softening the beard, detangling the beard and taming beard.  Make sure to choose a beard conditioner with natural ingredients such as argon oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil which benefit beard in many ways and conditions it. Just like beard shampoo, choose a beard conditioner  which is free from paraben, silicones, and sulphates.

After shampooing your beard, apply required amount of beard conditioner to your beard length. Leave the conditioner on your beard for few minutes at least 5 minutes before gently rinsing out all the conditioner on your beard with water.

  • Dry

Many people often ignore this step, but it is important one. Water left on beard can dry out beard skin and cause dryness and itchiness. Use a microfiber towel or a cotton cloth to gently pat dry your beard after cleansing and conditioning to get rid of any trace of water left on your beard.

  • Scrub

One of reasons for itchy beard is ingrown beard hairs. Ingrown beard on face can cause a little pain. Scrubbing with exfoliating scrub or using loofah is a best way to help ingrown beard to break through skin and also to remove dead skin cells. 

You can use baking soda also known as sodium bicarbonate with water to form a thick slur. Rub the baking soda slurry on the skin underneath the beard and leave it for few minutes. Be gentle while rubbing the scrub on your beard skin. Use this twice a weak for best results. Rinse the scrub with water and gently dry your beard.

You can also use any exfoliating scrub which is made up of natural ingredients. 

  • Moisturize

Moisturising beard after exfoliating or conditioning is very essential. It ensures that the moisture is locked in the beard and skin underneath beard. Moisturising is a key step to get rid of beard itchiness. To moisturize your beard, you can wither use natural oils such as coconut oil or even use beard products such as beard oil, beard balm and  beard wax. These beard grooming products great for nourishing skin underneath the beard and also to soften beard. 

Take a little of any beard grooming product such as beard oil, beard wax or beard balm, depending upon your requirement and also on your beard texture. Rub the beard grooming product in your hands and warm it up a little. Now apply the product on your beard length and also on the skin underneath beard. 

  • Brush

Brushing your beard regularly after using beard styling product of your choice. It will help you in shaping beard and also to tame your beard. Use a boar bristle brush for brushing your beard. This will also help in removing any beardruff or beard dandruff left on your beard and also shape your beard.

  • Trim

Regularly trimming your beard ends to give a healthy look to your beard is necessary. It will ensure that the dry ends of your beard are removed.

Tips and Precautions

In case you have a beard rash, give some time to your skin to calm down. In such scenarios, avoid shaving as it might cause additional discomfort by causing more irritation to your beard skin. It is advised to use mild and natural products on your beard.

Don't use hot water as it causes dryness and looses natural oils. This might again cause beard itch.

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