How to restore shine in your dull hair?

How to restore shine in your hair

Dull hair

Exposure to sunlight, pollution and dust can make our hair dull and dry, we all go through this regularly. We all try a lot of products to restore the shine in our dull hair but what if they are the reason we lose the existing texture and shine? 

A lot of times chemically infused products are the major reason why our hair becomes dull, if you wash your hair more than 3 times a week then this could also be a major reason for your dull and dry hair. 

Dull hair can be referred to as hair that lacks moisture and natural shine. Similarly, dullness develops over a period when the hair does not receive or is unable to retain the moisture of the scalp. Some of the symptoms of dull hair are dryness, frizziness, and rough texture.

There are several reasons as to why your hair has become dull over time, some of them are using the wrong hair care products that may be infused with harsh chemicals or a deficiency of nutrients in your diet.

Causes of dull hair

After talking about dull and shine less hair let us now get into all the causes of dull hair. Here are some of the causes of dull hair.

  • A diet that lacks essential nutrients 
  • Excessive heat styling
  • Overexposure to sunlight 
  • Harsh chemicals in hair care products
  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy
  • Excessive wash

How to restore dull hair? 

Shiny hair is a symbol of healthy hair and here are all the ways in which you can restore your dull and dry hair to make it shiny again. 

Hair conditioning

Shiny and healthy hair reflects in light, it is known that a smooth surface reflects light and that is what proves that shiny hair is healthy. We all want healthy and shiny hair but we do not want to work on them.

Hair experts always recommend that you must condition after every single wash, conditioners can instantly help in smoothing the cuticle of your hair. It also helps in protecting the cortex layer of your hair. Conditioning also protects your hair from tangles and breakage, with consistent use of conditioners you can restore the natural shine of your hair.

Hydrate your hair

Hydrating your hair ought to be your most elevated need if you have dull hair. Dry hair has an unpleasant and dull surface and is more inclined to harm, while saturated hair has a smooth and gleaming cuticle layer. 

Assuming you need to keep your hair and scalp hydrated, have a go at utilizing a pre-cleanser saturating treatment or a supporting hair cover in some measure once per week to get noticeable outcomes. 

Wash your hair regularly

Dull hair is naturally dry. Experts suggest that washing hair daily is not a good idea as it can make the hair further dry and damaged, but washing them once in 2-3 days is advisable. Use a mild shampoo to eliminate dirt and product buildup, stay away from shampoo that is chemically infused.

Choose the right products

It is vital to keep a check on your hair care routine and items that you apply to your hair type. While the right cleanser and conditioner can do wonders for your hair, some unacceptable ones can essentially harm it. 

While picking hair care items, make sure to think about your hair's sort and surface. It's additionally best to avoid items containing destructive synthetic compounds, sulfates, and parabens.

The correct amount of the product 

One of the most common reasons for dull and dry hair is improper rinsing of shampoo if you do not thoroughly rinse your scalp after shampoo then it can lead to product buildup. The product buildup can, later on, make your hair dry and dull and can also unbalance the natural pH of your scalp.

Avoid using conditioner on your roots as it is only supposed to be applied to your length. Try to limit the use of styling products as much as also heat styling your hair can damage the cuticle layer of your hair which is the outermost layer. Due to a damaged cuticle layer, your hair may look more dull and dry.

Dry using a towel or T-shirt 

It is not rocket science that wet hair is more prone to damage. If you are someone who likes to get rough with your towel then this practice can significantly weaken your hair and lead to split ends, breakage, and hair fall. Use a towel or a T-shirt to squeeze out the excess water from your hair, do not aggressively rub your hair. 

Take Away 

We all have hair that has been damaged due to environmental stressors or chemicals, we hope that you like the information we shared above. Use all of these methods and we are sure that you will see a huge difference in your hair shine.

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