How to remove beard dandruff naturally?
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How to remove beard dandruff naturally?

Beard dandruff

Beard dandruff

Beard dandruff is just like hair dandruff but settles to the facial hair right down from either sidebar to the chin point, covering jawlines and cheekbones.

Dandruff is a dust-like particle, generally white in color, firstborn in a small number of particles at the sight of the overall beard. This dandruff when small in occupancy does not affect the beard outlook. Within a span of time, dandruff would occupy the overall beard area. Dandruff creates an itching sensation. 

For every scratch one makes, dandruff seems to fall down and disappear from the root of the hair follicles. The reality is different with dandruff. It keeps coming as many times as the beard is scratched. 

Seborrheic dermatitis is the most common cause of beard dandruff. Dandruff is actually caused by yeast growth on your skin called Malassezia. 

One needs to take serious and concentrated medications for clearing dandruff. The medication is supposed to clear off complete dandruff. Even if a single particle of dandruff is left unremoved, it may regenerate a dense formation again.

There are various factors for beard dandruff to get engaged at the hair roots. The beard exposed to the environment, namely air and pollution could possibly get disturbed with the dust particles laid or pulled inside the beard. The thick black dense beard would like to attract various small particles that consist in the air atmosphere. The fallen particles, either themselves could be ready-made dandruff or develop into dandruff.

Beard dandruff could cause various haircare and skincare problems like pimples, rashes, bumps, hair loss, patchy beard, and itching.

How to remove beard dandruff naturally?

Shower well

Bathe or shower every day to make sure you are a hygienic being. During the while, take extra care at cleaning your beard.

Even if it is not possible to bathe or lazy enough to not bathe or it is so chilling outside that bath could give shivering, keep close to cleaning your beard at least. wash your beard with warm water every day.

Towel well

One may shower or clean the face which has grown-up hair. One must clean face regularly with utmost care. However, care is to be taken after cleaning the face.

One must not allow water to dry up on the skin beneath the hair by itself. Thus, the face has to be dried well with a towel right after cleaning face. It would give no chance for dandruff to form up.

Beard conditioner

Use a beard conditioner with jojoba or argan oil to keep your beard hair naturally oily so that dandruff couldn't stand at the hair roots nor itching sensation could arise due to roughness.

Vitamin Provision

The essential vitamins for hair growth and follicle development if provided under administration would result in regaining. Vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E are necessary for healthy hair growth. Besides vitamins, minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and manganese are mandatory for hair growth. 

Fruit intake

There are certain fruits that are literally good for hair growth. A few of them are amla, oranges, apples, strawberries, bananas, avocados, grapes, plums, Mangoes, papaya, coconut, blackberry, blueberry, lemon, apricots, etc. The mineral and protein-rich natural resource is an undoubted choice.

Ayurvedic Touch

The ayurvedic treatment for beard dandruff is the most natural way of curing their condition. The beard massage with approaching mixtures could lead to a gentle recovery.

Lemon massage

Rub the beard hair Overly with a piece of lemon for 10-15 minutes and leave the citric acid to take its action for one hour to eight hours depending on time availability. This would greatly help the hair follicles to lose dirt or dandruff subsided at the place.

Repeat the massage twice a week for dandruff. Do not leave that soon. Even though dandruff appears to be completely removed, it would show up again and again with little negligence also.

Apple Cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is said to help remove the dead skin cells and balance the scalp's pH

This may help get rid of dandruff in one wash.


Aloe vera contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It also helps in soothing the scalp against the inflammation which comes with dandruff. 

Neem leaves

The primary cause of dandruff is a fungus called Candida and Malassezia. The antifungal properties of Neem oil make it effective against these fungi.

Bringadi Oil

Bringadi Oil provides relief from the itchiness and greasiness caused by dandruff.

To use Brigandi oil to remove dandruff, gently massage Brigandi oil into hair, ensuring that the entire scalp is covered.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce the severity and symptoms of dandruff

Take Away 

Be conscious of beard hair and that's all, it would get no dirt or dandruff for no one would ignore it until it is removed. After all, a beard is the closest part to a man.