How To Oil Your Hair In The Right Way?
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How To Oil Your Hair In The Right Way?

Benefits Of Hair Oiling

Benefits Of Hair Oiling

Oiling hair is a tradition and a secret technique that has passed down through generations for healthy and lustrous hair. However, there is a method to follow to get best results. If you oil your hair in the wrong way, you might end up doing more harm than good. 

So, check out the complete article to know about the importance of oiling your hair, benefits and the right way to oil your hair for better results. 


Importance Of Oiling Your Hair:

It doesn't matter whether you have curly hair or straight or wavy hair, just like our body and skin needs proper care and healthy, our hair and scalp also needs good care and nourishment in order to stay healthy as well as to stimulate growth.

Oiling your hair protects your scalp from external damage and strengthens the roots. When the hair oil penetrates  deep into your scalp, it strengthens the roots and leads to stronger and shiner hair.

Even though washing your hair is important, hair oiling still remains an important part of your hair care routine as it promotes overall hair health and offers many benefits.


Benefits Of Oiling Hair:

1. Boosts Hair Growth:

Hair is made up of protein and needs sufficient vitamins and minerals to be healthy and grow well. Hair oil acts as a replenishing agent that gives you nourishment it needs. Moreover, massaging oil into the scalp helps to open the pores and facilitates better hair growth and oil absorption. 

Massaging oil will also help in proper circulation of blood, strengthen roots and promote hair growth.

2. Adds Shine To Your Hair:

Hair oil boosts shine by making the hair shaft which easily prevents the outer cuticle from swelling and forming a scaly texture. A shiny and smoothie cuticle contributes to shining, healthy hair. Regular oil massage can easily treat split ends and nourish hair from the inside out to keep it look shiny and gorgeous.

3. Prevents Dandruff:

Dandruff is one of the main reasons for hair loss and damage and weather changes and pollution play a role in worsening the situation of hair. Dandruff results in causing dry scalp, itching, hair damage and also provides lice with a suitable growth environment. 

Regular oil massage will not only keep your scalp healthy, but also helps oil glands produce sufficient natural oil. Remember that excess oil can also hinder the growth of clogging pores, so washing your hair with mild shampoo will balance both the levels.

4. Prevents Greying:

Premature greying is also one of the most common issues faced by most of the people today. This is mainly caused due to lack of scalp nourishment or deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals.

As I said earlier, regular oiling your hair will give you proper nourishment along with the  important vitamins and nutrients. So, oiling hair on a regular basis can be an ideal solution for preventing greying of your hair.

5. Prevents Hair Fall:

Dry scalp, lack of hydration and protein deficiencies are the main reason for hair fall. But, you can easily avoid this problem by oiling your hair on a regular basis. This is considered as one of the benefits of applying hair and one of the easiest solutions to prevent hair fall.

6. Prevents Scalp Infections:

When skin pores on the scalp clog, it might lead to minor to major problems like irritation to bacteria or fungal infections. Infections further lead to dandruff and also provide a nice environment for hair lice which results in hair loss. 

There are even good bacteria present on your scalp at all times and using oil that has natural antibacterial properties like honey egg can nourish the scalp and keep infections at bay. If you notice any redness or tenderness on your scalp, immediately consult your dermatologist.

7. Relaxes Mind And Body:

Massaging your scalp with any essential oils or oil that contain natural antibacterial properties helps in relaxing your mood. Massaging the scalp improves the blood circulation. 

So, oiling hair is very important in maintaining healthy and shiny hair. You should follow a proper method to see good results, if you oil your hair in the wrong way, you might end up doing more harm than good to your hair. Lets see the right way to oil your hair to get the most of your champi.


How To Oil Your Hair Effectively?

Step 1: Choose The Right Carrier Oil That Suits Your Hair:

Coconut, almond, olive, sunflower, primrose, borage, avocado are some of the most commonly used carrier oils. Make sure you use the carrier oil that suits your hair type.

Step 2: Heat The Oil:

No matter what type of hair you have, you must heat the oil for a few seconds before applying it on your scalp. Warm oil allows deeper penetration and seals the hair cuticles and keeps the scalp moisturized.

Step 3: Massage Your Scalp:

Massaging your scalp boosts proper blood circulation in the scalp and stimulates the hair follicles. Take a little amount of oil in your palms and massage it on your scalp for about 10-15 minutes gently. 

Use your fingertips to massage your scalp in circular motions and cover the entire scalp area. After you have done with the scalp, apply it up to the end of the hair.

Step 4: Wrap Your Hair With Warm Towel:

Wrapping your hair with a warm towel promotes deeper penetration of oil into your scalp and hair. It also helps in rejuvenating damaged and dry hair and seals moisture in your scalp.

Step 5: Rinse Your Hair Well:

Leave your hair overnight or 2-3 hours and wash it off with a mild shampoo the next day. Do not leave it for a longer time, as it attracts dirt. 

Is It Okay To Leave Oil On Your Hair For Longer Time?

As a rule of thumb, you should not leave oil on your hair for more than 4 hours. You may have to wash it off on the same day and remember not all types of hair require the same amount of time to absorb oil into the scalp.

Can We Apply Oil On Wet Hair Or Dry Hair?

If you apply oil on wet hair, the water on hair will not allow the oil to penetrate through the hair follicles. However, oiling wet hair allows better detangling and offers nice protection from heat or dry styling tools. 

Applying oil on dry hair protects the hair from UV rays, pollution and even adds shine to it. 

Does Too Much Oil Damage The Hair?

The answer is absolutely No, you should not apply a lot of oil on your hair. Applying too much oil disturbs the natural cycle and makes it greasy. It even clog the pores and prevent the growth, causing hair fall.

Take Away 

Oiling your hair twice in a week not only reduces hair fall, it also makes it look gorgeous and shiny when done in the right way. 

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