How to Lose Weight: Diet Plan

Proper diet and exercise are the keys to rapid weight loss.

Weight Loss

If you’re the one looking for rapid weight loss, first consult a nutritionist to assist you in the endeavour of the weight loss journey. It might be really very tough for a few people to lose weight, whereas, in some people, it is very quick and easy to lose weight. We need to take health issues into consideration, before planning for losing, because if we are not aware of health issues and proceed with weight loss leads to sickness.  

Proper diet and exercise are the keys to rapid weight loss. We need to balance both criteria. If you do more exercise and crave carbohydrates and fatty foods, all the calories which you have lost during exercise will reaccumulate again. So, proper balance is significant.

Here are a few diet plans which will curb your hunger, make you lose weight and increase metabolic functions in the body to improve overall health.

  1. Low carbohydrate diet: This is an ideal way of losing weight, without depositing much effort. Ditching down the refined carbs and replacing them with whole grains is the smart action in the weight loss journey. By inducing fiber in the diet, it will make you feel full for a longer time because it takes time for fiber to get digested. In this process of dieting, body fat will produce energy, instead of carbohydrates. So, it will help you burn down the calories. It increases the metabolism and decreases the blood sugar level for diabetes people.
  1. Protein: Our plate should be filled with proteins, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and complex carbohydrates. Proteins are building blocks of muscles. When we lose weight, eventually the tenacity of the muscle gets loose. To keep up with muscle mass, we need to induce protein content in the food. By including protein in the diet, the feeling of fullness and consuming fewer calories are observed, which initiates weight loss. Simultaneously, protein will take action on cardiovascular and metabolic activities.

Foods that contain high amounts of protein are: chicken, beef, pork, fish, eggs, paneer, tofu, soya, lentils, green gram, kidney beans, almonds, walnuts, milk and dairy products.

Feel free to fill the plate with green leafy vegetables, because these vegetables are low in calories and loaded with a bunch of nutrients, which not only affect the body, but also have an influence on hair skin and overall health. So, pack the plate with vegetables like carrots, cucumber, beetroot, lettuce, spinach, kale, cabbage.

Irrespective of diet, you need to encourage saturated fatty acids or essential fatty acids in the food to entertain a few, fundamental functions in the body. Olive oil and avocado oil are to be used.

  1. Exercise: It is the fundamental element in losing weight and has numerous benefits all over the body. It improves the cardiovascular system and increases metabolic activities, which helps in shedding weight. Jogging, swimming, hot yoga and dynamic Surya namaskar can induce weight loss. When you exercise, heat is produced by the body, this heat burns the fat and releases it in the form of sweat which is secreted by the sebaceous layer of the skin. Half an hour of exercise is required to wave off the fat from the body and maintain healthy physiological activities in the body. Exercise can keep many diseases at bay.

Best Diet & Tips for Weight Loss

Do not skip breakfast, instead, load your breakfast with protein-rich food, which curbs your appetite further, boosts your metabolism and makes you feel energised overall day. Infuse oats, scrambled eggs with veggies, protein pancakes, milk and cornflakes as a breakfast.

Completely avoid sugared drinks, processed food. Which won’t be helpful in losing weight. These sugary drinks are drenched with calories and affect our health.

Have a glass full of hot water half an hour before meals, because it makes you feel full, reduces the cravings to have more and is good for digestive health.

Induce weight loss friendly food like eggs, legumes, chicken breast, lean meats, fish, avocado, green leafy vegetables.

Drink coffee in the morning, because caffeine increases the metabolic activity of the body, keeps your mind refreshed.

Eat slowly and chew the food completely, make it in the form of a juice and gulp. Many people just eat away the food as it is, which leads to weight gain.

Avoid alcohol, and smoking because they are hazardous to our health and show ill impact on our health and body.

Avoid processed and junk food, which initiates laziness and retards the body in doing work and show a rapid increase in weight.

Induce fiber in breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fiber slows digestion and makes you feel full for longer periods and helps in consuming fewer calories.

Take Away

Get a quality sleep daily, an adequate amount of sleep expels hormones which are good for overall health and motivates you for the next day exercise, and also increases concentration and productivity.

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