How to improve sexual stamina?

Improve sexual stamina

Improve Sexual Stamina

Sexual stamina is just as important as your physical performance. Whether you’re having an intercourse with your significant other, dating a cuckold lover, or engaging with someone you just met, the partner who is helping you achieve an orgasm must also be able to endure it with stamina.

Too much thinking about sexual stamina can get you into anxiety, erectile dysfunction, reduce endurance and also affect your relationship with your partner. Following a simple set of the regime in your daily life can help you to reduce your anxiety, increase your performance, decrease erectile dysfunction and also improve your relationship.

Your stamina can be greatly affected by several factors including your age and sexual habits. Most men, at some stage in their life, have had a desire to increase their stamina. In order to achieve this, you need to create a routine where you repeat certain activities over and over again such as getting into a hot bath or shower, sleeping on a firm surface (i.e. not on a bed), and doing more vigorous exercises, for example, jogging or doing squats. 

Here are few ways to improve your sexual stamina to improve your sexual life-

1. Open Talks

Discussing your problem will loosen the tension in your relationship and the revelations help to understand each other more. Your partner may understand you, discuss possible solutions. If required you would also get some time and space to ease up some tension and anxiety.

2. Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Stress can take a toll on your sexual performance. It can affect erection, duration, and build performance-related anxiety. Rather than focusing on performance, focus on experiencing the sensations, focus on living in the present moment. Your stress and fears are very much dependent on what you think. 

There are many ways to keep stress at bay, some of them include

  • Exercises
  • Enough sleep
  • Meditation
  • Follow your passion 
  • Consult a psychologist

3. Focus on Foreplay

 Although penetration is the crucial step, focusing on foreplay will enhance the experience for those who are involved. Even with erectile dysfunction, you can reach great lengths, explore your and your partner’s preferences. It enhances the understanding between you and your partner. Many studies and researches found that women need clitoral stimulation is necessary for orgasm during intercourse. In fact, a study found that foreplay is important for 63% of women as well as  60% of men who participated in the study.

4. Explore

Excitement drives passion and pleasure. Understanding your partner, spending time with your partner might bring back the missing elements in your relationship if you are in a relationship for a long time. Even if you are in an early stage of a relationship, spending quality time with your partner will decrease any nervousness, awkwardness between you both and also improve understanding. In the end, the relationship is all about understanding each other and accepting flaws.

Try things like cooking, trying new sports, trips, or even long drives. The more time you spend with each other, the more differences you have.

5. Herbal Medications

Many ayurvedic and herbal medications have proven to be useful for problems like erectile dysfunction and also to improve performance. Herbs like Panax ginseng, ginkgo, maca, etc act as an aphrodisiac and also sexual pleasure. Make sure to consult your physician before starting any of these herbs.

Ayurvedic medications like Ashwagandha, Vajikarana treatment, cinnamon have proven by many studies for improving sexual performance and also 

6. Stop Smoking

Smoking increases blood pressure and increases heart-related risks. These risks are indirectly associated with erectile dysfunction and quitting smoking can greatly improve sexual performance.

Smoking is also directly associated with sexual stamina. It impacts the muscles on the penis, thus impairing erection.

7. Avoid Too Much Drinking

Excessive alcohol consumption is associated with sexual dysfunction. Research shows that 72% of the alcohol-dependent participants had one or more sexual dysfunctions including lex sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc.

If you are a heavy alcohol consumer, avoid alcohol or limit alcohol consumption to just social drinking.

8. Exercises

Having a physically active lifestyle enhances sexual health. Chronic conditions relate to the heart, blood pressure or even diabetes affect the blood flow into the penis. Thus influencing erection and causing issues.

It also decreases stress and also induces sleep, which also impacts sexual stamina.

Focus on exercises that enhance the muscles of the biceps, triceps, abdomen, pelvic floor, glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. Few yoga positions can also enhance 

9. Counselling

 If there are any issues pertaining to stamina and performance, it is better to opt to consult. 

Relationship consulting can greatly help in openly discussing issues and making changes to improve the relationship. 

It is also advisable to consult a doctor. Medications and supplements are viable options that could improve performance and also cure any dysfunction.

10. Pause-Resume Method

For those who want to increase duration, they can stop just before the urge to ejaculate starts by taking a deep breath slowly and engaging in some foreplay in between, and then resume. This is useful to get used to keeping ejaculation on hold and stay for longer durations to reach a mutual climax.

11. Proper and Balanced Diet

Here are a few foods to improve stamina, which should be a must in your diet.

Include potassium-rich food like bananas, spinach, broccoli in your diet that can give you energy and also reduce blood pressure. 

Natural spices which contain capsaicin like pepper, ginger are also known to improve blood flow. 

Foods that have omega 3 fatty acids such as fish, flaxseeds, etc also help in improving blood flow. 

Protein sources like tofu, egg, red meat, poultry are also great sources of energy.

L-citrulline is known for increasing stamina. L-citrulline is found more in onions, garlic, watermelon, nuts, and dark chocolate

Magnesium-rich foods like whole wheat, quinoa, almonds, cashew, black beans, etc help in providing energy and have many other functions improving stamina.

Fenugreek, ginkgo, saffron, pistachio, pumpkin, figs, asparagus, avocados, etc are some of the best aphrodisiacs known which can be included in your diet.

12. Masturbate

It helps in lasting longer as it could be a practice. Never rush for the climax, but go through slowly like you want to last for a longer duration. During masturbation, you could stimulate your prostate gland or try different strokes or even thrust hips to increase longevity.

Take Away 

Intercourse is very much influenced by heart rate, blood, pressure, muscle movements. So use the best way possible to improve these factors.

While there are numerous ways to improve sexual performance, do not limit yourself to just one way. Try and explore multiple ways and look for what works best for you. 

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