How to Get Fair Skin Fast Permanently?

It is not possible to get fair skin permanently but one can try out various remedies to improve complexion.

Fair Skin

Skin tone is the most prominent thing for everybody, when it comes to judging beauty. Indians are very obsessed with fair skin complexion. Most probably you will acquire a fair complexion through genes from parents, but further, it depends on the hormonal balances and extent of sun exposure. A pigment responsible for complexion is “melanin” which is secreted by melanocytes.

If the pigment secretion is high it results in a dark complexion and if it discharges less it can give a fair complexion. There are many ways to inherit a fair complexion, by following a few guidelines we can naturally work on our skin and acquire fair skin naturally.

Tips to Acquire Fair Skin

  1. Nutritious Diet: Ingest foods that nourish your skin with required nutrients, because diet plays a significant role in exhibiting fair or glowing skin. Avoid oil, processed junk food as much as possible, instead include green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits in the diet. 

Food that can help in acquiring glowing and fair skin are:

  • Lemon consists of vitamin C, which acts as a natural bleacher.
  • Apples are edible fruits that will purify the blood and pair you with healthy skin.
  • Avocados have vitamin E,A,C,K . Which leaves the skin with nourishment.
  • Oranges have a special role in exhibiting healthy skin.
  • Pomegranate
  • Carrots
  • Beetroots
  • Bananas
  • Almonds
  • Spinach
  • Watermelon
  • Tomatoes
  • Kale
  • Strawberries
  • Plums
  • Chikoo 
  • Cucumbers
  1. Water: According to studies nothing works like water on our skin. Water helps in the purification of the entire body by flushing down the toxins. By eliminating toxins, blood circulation will be efficient in the entire body and imparts us with healthy and glowing skin. Early in the morning just gulp away one litre of water on an empty stomach. 
  1. Sunscreen: We all know how solar radiation can cover up our fair skin with a tanned layer. Sunscreen acts as a shield in protecting the skin from harmful radiations, applying sunscreen evenly on the face, hands, feet and neck region can protect the skin. It's really very hard to get a fair complexion back if it gets exposed to the sun. 
  1. Sleep Well: Sleep plays a key role in providing healthy, glowing, and fair skin. So, make sure to have sound sleep at night time for 8 hours. Also, use clean and washed pillow covers and bedsheets where you lie on. During sleep, blood circulates in the facial region and impairs the toxins, improper sleep can lead to dark circles near eyes, tired look and unhealthy skin.
  1. Detox:  A daily routine detox ritual should be induced to flush out toxins from the body. Every day, just take a liter of water and squash a lemon with a spoonful of honey in it. Which will clear out and detox the liver, intestines, kidneys and intestines. 
  1. Night Ritual: Applying night cream is very significant in maintaining healthy skin. Wash your face at night time and pack it up by applying night cream which is loaded with skin essentials and vitamins like E, A, C, K to induce a glow in the skin. Use a cream that has less consistency. During the night, skin is under the repairing process by impairing toxins and inducing healthy skin.
  1. Yoga: There are many asanas in yoga that can naturally give you healthy and glowing skin. Few asanas can regulate proper blood flow in the overall body and balance hormones, which can wipe out blemishes, pimples and acne. Pranayamas like kapalbhati and bhastrika can increase blood circulation in the head region and leave your skin with a natural glow. 
  1. Massage: After a stressful and tiring month just massaging the body and face with natural oils can induce your skin with nourishment and relaxation. Massage the face in circular motions which can regulate blood flow in overall facial muscles. Massage can relax the entire body and one can get relieved from stress and strain. Use olive oil, argan oil, coconut oil for massage.

Home Remedies to Get Fair Skin

Not only the above guidelines, but we also need to pamper our skin with certain homemade remedies to get healthy skin.

  • Rosewater and basil face pack

Ingredients: Fresh basil leaves and rose water.

Preparation: Take a few basil leaves and crush them by using some water and add rose water to them. Apply the mixture evenly on the skin and let it dry and wash away with lukewarm water.

  • Turmeric and honey face pack

Ingredients: Turmeric and honey.

Preparation: Take a spoon full of turmeric and add an equal quantity of honey to it, stir and apply the mask evenly on the skin and let it remain for 20 minutes and wash away with warm water.

  • Milk and oats face pack

Ingredients: Oats and milk.

Preparation: Take a glass full of milk and oats and grind them together into a fine paste and apply the paste on the face and neck region and wash the face after 15 minutes. It tightens the skin and reduces melanin pigments which reduce hyperpigmentation. 

Take Away

It is not possible to get fair skin permanently but one can try out various remedies to improve complexion. One of the widely popular remedies is using a good quality glow serum.

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