How to Gain Weight at Home?

Gaining weight healthily should be the priority rather than eating junk foods to gain weight quickly.


In the United States of American two-third of people are overweight or obese. These overweight one work on their bodies by maintaining a specific diet regime and by exercising. Ironically, there are also many people who suffer from underweight issues.

It is as typical as being obese, which is ill for the health. Nonetheless, people who are fit clinically want to add up a number on their weight by massing their muscles.

If so, you are the one looking for weight gain or building muscles you are on the right page. This blog will provide you with excel information, how to gain weight healthily!

Underweight Scale

Body mass index (BMI) is measured to check if you’re underweight. If the ratio ranges below 18.5 it is considered to be underweight and if ranges above 25 overweight and if above 30 considered as obese. Low body mass index and high body mass index doesn’t go with your health YEAHHH! It is true that health and body mass index are not in the same shoe.

The body mass scale has many issues, it only considers the height and weight of the person and doesn't include the mass of the muscles. 

Few people are naturally very lean but they are healthy. Not being in the optimum body mass index does not mean that you're unhealthy. It is more likely seen in the female gender than male, studies say that in the United States of America, there are 1% of men are underweight, whereas 2.5% of women above 20 years and above are underweight. 

Underweight Issues

We know that obesity is a contemporary issue in this modern world due to a sedentary lifestyle. But no one lays significance on underweight issues and possibilities of underlying fatal diseases.

According to research, it is 140% more likely to cause early deaths in men. In women, it is a 100% chance for early death. But, for obese people, the chance of early death is just 50%. In men, an increased risk of early deaths is seen than in women.

It even leads to low immunity, osteoporosis, weak strength, fractures and even infertility. They are not acquired off an immunity to fight against deadly diseases and are more prone to sarcopenia and dementia, which are age-related issues.

Underweight Factors

  1. Eating Disorders: Anorexia nervosa is simply called Anorexia it is a mental disorder where people constantly think in a wrong perception that eating may lead to weight gain or fear of gaining weight, they impede themselves from eating.
  1. Thyroid: This is a condition where the thyroid gland secretes more thyroxine leads to hyperthyroidism, which in turn increases metabolism and leads to abnormal weight loss.
  1. Celiac Disease: This is caused when people are gluten intolerant, most of them don’t be aware of the fact that they have celiac disease. The absorption of nutrition in the body becomes hindered leads to abnormal bodyweight. 
  1. Diabetes Type 1: In this condition, the kidneys continuously filter the essential minerals and salts which leads to frequent urination and results in underweight. 
  1. Cancer: The body completely lacks the immunity to fight against diseases and get prone to several deathly factors, which leads to weight loss.  These cancer tumours deplete or damage every single cell in the body. By this, the muscle loses its mass and strength and leads to being underweight.
  1. Infections: Many infections caused by bacteria and viruses will tend to lose body weight. Tuberculosis, human immunodeficiency virus and  acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, it's the last stage of HIV, where the person loses all of his weight and looks undernourished with many diseases.
  1. Depression: It is a mental condition where the person loses interest in eating and regular daily routine and leads to being underweight.

How to Gain Weight?

If you want to add on numbers to the weight and reach the adequate weight number, it is compulsory to do it in the right direction. But, people often do it in the wrong way and drive their journey in the wrong direction. They stick to junk food and affect their health. 

By following a few guidelines, we can put on weight by building muscles and not pot belly. So, it is significant to eat healthy food and lead a healthy life. One trick is to eat more than you burn. Other tips include:

  • Ingest protein in every meal. A high amount of protein can increase muscle density and regulate overall health.
  • Load your diet with good carbohydrates and fats.
  • Have a meal at least 3 times per day.
  • Include dry fruits and nuts.
  • Have peanut butter, which increases good fats in the body
  • Have dairy products.
  • Have meat, like chicken, pork and lamb.
  • Include tubers like potatoes, sweet potatoes and yams.
  • Exercise thrice a week to build muscles.
  • Have dark chocolates and avocado.
  • Have a quality sleep.
  • Quit smoking, alcohol and drugs.

Take Away

The above are the mentioned guidelines to gain weight healthily without being obese and unhealthy and to reach the desired weight.

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