How to fade your beard?

How to fade your Beard?

How to fade your Beard?

Beard is a man's facial hair covering the chin, cheek, jawline, and neck. It grows rapidly once it is developed to fully grow right from when it is newly born in teenage. The beard is supposed to be shaved or trimmed every once in a while or it would lead to monster looks that fear four-year babies.

In order not to feel bored with one's face, to feel fresh and excited, there is an unbelievable number of styles that a grown-up beard could be moulded into. There are still emerging, trending beard styles in our day-to-day life. Whatever the beard style, in whatever pattern it is designed to, there is a necessary duty called fading to follow. Fading your beard is an important method or step to building a style. Fading your beard helps you to bring appropriate shapes to your desired designed style. 

What exactly is Fading Beard or What exactly is Faded Beard?

Fade is defined as the gradual aging or out of time. A faded beard or fading beard is a little different from the definition of fade. 

The beard has five different parts namely, cheek beard, jaw beard, chin beard, neckline beard, and sideburns. The faded beard relates to sideburns, jawline, and neckline spaces. Any beard style designed on connecting these three parts is called a faded beard style or beard fade style. 

The sideburns are the spaces on either side of the face connecting head hair to beard hair. This is an important part of the beard that decides the beard style. Fading beard is the process to keep sideburns hair short compared to other parts of hair length to make decent beard styles. 

Beard hair grows at the same speed overall, its volume showing the same length of hair at all points in its space. This is the reason beard style was invented. Depending on the different beard style patterns, depending on the beard style one desires, the beard is kept short at one part and lengthy at another part. 

As the sideburns are the topmost beard space, the hair is supposed to cut short as the minimum hair length in the overall beard. The beard size is gradually increased in length from sideburns until the chin point. The gradual increase goes through the jawline until the chin point. Depending on the style variant, the hair is left uncut on the neckline sometimes, or trimmed to a length or cut off. The whole three different lengths of hair in a single beard is what is called a faded beard. 

How to fade a beard?

A faded beard can be tried at home but may not result in an accurate beard design. It is best advised to go to the barber and bring out the output for he has all the essential tools and enough experience in handling haircuts. 

The grown beard is patiently studied first, in the matter of hair length, hair density, hair thickness, etc. The face cuts and color are also considered making a suitable beard style. 

According to desire, the beard space is divided into parts, namely sideburns, cheek line, chin line, mustache level, and neckline. Various shape lines can be drawn over sideburns, cheek line, chin line, mustache line, and neckline. 

A beard is first of all seen in two parts. Above mustache and below mustache. The above mustache covers sideburns, cheek sides, and half of the jawline. 

With the help of the trimmer or a scissor, the hair is cut off. At the sideburns, it is supposed to put the minimum hair length.

There are faded beard clippers available to help to trim required hair length through required hair-spread-width.

With the drawn designs, the hair is allowed to have a gradual increase in length from sideburns to chin point, on either side of the face.

As considered beard style, the jawline is drawn thick or thin. It can be as slim as covering the accurate jawline or it can cover either side of the jawline with its thickness.

With utmost care and control, the blending of hair from short to length through the drawn lineup results in the desired faded beard style obtained.

Types of faded beards

Considering various parameters like the length of the hair and its density, faded beards are named differently. A few of them are Taper Faded Beard, Lower Taper Fade Beard, Higher Taper Fade Beard, Hi-Top faded Beard, Temple Fade, Curly Beard Fade, Bald Head Faded Beard, Full Beard Fade, Short Beard Fade, Higher Beard Fade, Beard Fade to Goatee Style, etc.

Take Away 

A faded beard is the best solution for Alopecia Barbae. The hormonal deficiency leading to irregular facial hair growth can be gently recovered with the faded beard. Faded beard is a trending beard style for a long time and will continue for generations to come. 

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