How To Control Beard Sweat?

Beard sweat

Ways to Control Beard Sweat

Beards help our body regulate heat naturally, keeping our face warm during winters and cool during summer but summertime is an extremely crucial time for anyone with beards. Our body gets too hot due to the temperature outside or from doing exercise and it results in sweating. Our body releases small droplets of liquid through our skin. When we sweat more than usual then it is a clear sign that we need to gear up to try out some effective beard hygienic techniques!

Even if it makes us feel kind of stinky and gross, sweat can be a good sign that our body is doing its job. It’s how we keep our temperature down. 

Sweating is a subjective phenomenon. Some people sweat too little while some can sweat 2-3 litres of sweat per hour! But this is not something extraordinary given the fact that we humans are so very different from one another. 

Did you know that we have 300 million sweat glands in our bodies! Well, there are few facts about beards that might amuse you. Have a look:

  • Men usually spend around 3350 hours of their lifetime on shaving. Sounds crazy? I bet it does.
  • Alexander the great was not in favor of keeping beards and made his army shave their beards. He believed that beards were dangerous in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Beard protects men with pollen/dust allergies. It also protects your skin from blemishes, cuts, and nicks that can bring bacteria, leading to infections.
  • People have fear of beards as well... yeah, sounds funny! It’s called Pogonophobia. Usually, the symptoms include, but are not limited to, nausea, sweating, and increased heartbeat.
  • Genetics plays a crucial role in beard growth. It determines the texture, thickness, and even greying of hair! So you are lucky enough if your family has a history of good hair.
  • This might sound bizarre but trust me, there’s a “World Beard and Moustache Championship” held every two years. A lot of people with diverse beards and mustache styles participate in this championship to prove that they have the most iconic and impressive style!

Remedies For Sweaty Beard

  • Hit the shower! Wash your beard and keep it hydrated at all times.
  • Use shampoo to cleanse any clogged pores that may arise due to sweating. Try to avoid using soap or body wash on beards. The shampoo is a great way to deal with beard sweat but regular hair shampoo is designed to more rigorously cleanse the hair than a beard. 
  • Sweating is accompanied by itchiness which then clogs the pores of our skin and scratching it might result in beard patches. 
  • A dry beard is very common during summer and irritates the skin. Grooming and keeping your beard hydrated will serve as a good solution to get rid of a dry beard, but can you spare hours and hours on your beard?

Worry not... we have got you covered! Check out our beard growth pack which contains highly effective, sulfate and paraben-free beard shampoo, derma roller for a beard which is an excellent choice for helping you solve the problem of patchy beard. It does not just help in coping with the patchy beard but also promotes beard growth, nourishes the beard from the roots, improves beard strength, and increases blood circulation.

To get rid of a dry beard, you can use our beard growth serum which seals the moisture and smooths the hair cuticles down. It makes your beard moisturized, shiny, and smooth. Beard growth serum adds style to your beard care routine. These serums are a non-sticky alternative to beard growth oil. It adds shine and smoothes your beard.

Beard And Lungs

The beard and nostril hair is nature’s way of guarding our delicate lungs against bacteria and infections. The beard acts as a filter but you need to change or clean your beard regularly to avoid the bacteria trapped in them from entering your body. Proper sanitation and hygiene practices work like icing on the cake for asthma patients because they get triggered due to dust and smoke which is prevented from entering your nostrils by the beard.

Beard Odour

A smelly beard is a setback for your personality. While it can also occur if you work in a closed environment with strong smells but the main culprit is sweat!

Yes, you read that right. Beard becomes stinky due to sweat and sweating is an involuntary phenomenon so you can’t avoid it but you can try to maintain proper hygiene by washing your hands regularly because the more you touch your beard with dirty hands, the more likely you are to produce a bad odor. The bacteria in your hands can also cause infection in your beard so to be on the safer side, avoid touching your beard frequently.

A balanced and scheduled healthy diet will help you keep your sweat in control. Fatty and processed foods increase sweating so it is advisable to avoid these foods.

Grooming And Trimming Beard

Grooming your beard is a difficult job but not an impossible one. You need to follow some tricks which will make you look attractive. 

  • Start by trimming your beard. Trimming helps in regrowth and makes your beard look thicker. Split ends go away and you get a tangled free beard.
  • Do some research and pick a style that suits your face. But before that, you need to have a full-grown beard so that you can trim it afterward just how you would like it to be. The better your shape, the better your look!
  • You should be aware of how and when to trim. Invest in your beard like you would in financial markets! Some of the grooming techniques include brushing your beard hair all in the same direction, removing the unwanted hair that is extended over the lips and inside the nostrils.
  • Comb your beard hair regularly to keep them in line. It will wrangle stubborn hair and train them to grow in the direction of your choice.
  • Regular grooming will help your beard grow much faster.

Reasons Why Your Beard Might Not Be Growing

  • Insensitivity to testosterone: How well your body reacts to testosterone will determine your hair growth. People who are more responsive to testosterone will typically have a bushy beard. It has a lot to do with your genetics rather than your masculinity.
  • Alopecia: It is an illness that leaves people with bald spots on their heads and other parts of the body. Men with this condition usually can’t grow facial hair. But it can be treated by taking proper medication. It is not a chronic disease but it’s crucial to diagnose this problem at once.
  • Lack of physical activity: Almost all physical activities boost testosterone levels which then ultimately helps in hair growth. Weight lifting, muscle building makes the body produce more testosterone. Skipping and treadmills are great testosterone boosters.
  • Anaemia: It simply means iron is deficient in the body which is due to the lack of healthy red blood cells in the blood. Red blood cells carry oxygen to different tissues of our body. The follicles of the face don’t get enough blood if a man doesn’t have enough red blood cells and as a result, his beard doesn’t grow! 
  • Smoking: It disrupts blood circulation at the hair roots and thus the cells do not get enough oxygen. So the beard either doesn’t grow or grows very slowly.

Take Away 

To grow or not to grow facial hair is a personal choice. Fashion has no boundaries! But if you are someone who loves to grow a beard, follow these tips for healthy beard growth:

  • Try to exfoliate your face every once a week, by doing this you can remove dry and dead skin cells. 
  • Add more vitamin B to your diet. You can get vitamin B1 from beef, liver, oats, nuts, oranges, seeds, eggs, peas, legumes. B6 from milk, salmon, sweet potatoes, chicken. B12 from tuna, clams, liver, and beef.
  • Drink plenty of water because much like our body, the beard needs sufficient water as well. If you have a lack of water in your body, your beard won’t grow thick and on top of that, the beard-growing process will take a lot of time. 

So what are you waiting for? Go and take a power nap!

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