How to clean up after sex?



Sex is the pleasure obtained through genitals in a living body. Sex is heaven on earth. Sex is the creation of life. Sex is the only capability to reproduce. Sex could be performed either to make out a baby or simply to relax oneself. 

Sexual urge is as simple as hunger. One may control sexual urges as fasting but ultimately one needs to fully stop the sexual intention by engaging in sexual performance. Otherwise, the urge of the body to sexual activity stores up a certain part of the mind and does not leave the person alone.

Sex is the intercourse of two genitals that are sensitive, sweating, smelly and excretory. Sexual intercourse is meeting or mating other self-private parts which must need hygienic conditions right before and after sexual intercourse.

Clean up after sex

Clean up after sex involves two things. Mind clean up and body clean up.

The mind clean-up means to free the mind from all the anxieties and intentions derived from the good and bad experiences from sexual intercourse.

The body clean-up means to clean the body from all the sweat generated during the hardcore sexual activity.

The body cleans up after sex also means to clean the genital part of the body as the sexual activity involves the intercourse of genitals that are actually meant for excretion.

Sexual intercourse on a condom is much easier to get back to the hygienic condition compared to that of direct sexual intercourse. This difference is due to the mixture of cum of both the bodies or the bodies' genitals during the stage of orgasm. 

Why clean up after sex?

The firstmost and foremost reason to clean up after sex is to avoid STDs or STIs.

STDs is an abbreviation for Sexually Transmitted Diseases. The same diseases can be considered as Sexually Transmitted Infections which are abbreviated as STIs. STDs or STIs are diseases or infections transmitted through sexual contact, developed by shared bacteria, viruses, or parasites. 

A disease or an infection related to the sexual transmission could be born then and there itself during sex between two uninfected persons who are subjected to earlier sex with other persons. In another way, the infected person may share a virus or parasite with an uninfected person during a sexual course. It is more of an uncertain infection, most of the STDs require a medical diagnosis.

STIs or STDs could lead to breeding in both men's and women's genitals right after sexual intercourse.

Thus a man or a woman irrespective of their body conditioning, cleaning up their genitals right after sexual intercourse would do a lot of benefit to their bodies.

Clean up after anal sex

The displacement of the erected penis into the female anus or anal cavity for sexual pleasure is called anal sex This sexual activity cannot reproduce and is highly implied for fun.

Anal sex is one of the major types in a woman's sexual life. The insertion of a boner penis into the anal cavity and touching the internal parts could injure the tightened nerve endings in the anal cavity. 

Anal sex is a pleasure position only but the tightness of the butt-hole combined with the weight of the butts, trunk, and head falling onto the inserted penis could damage both to bleeding with minor to major wounds.

The anus is a space out to human solid waste and anal sex could lead the penis to touch the shit. There are also chances for the penis to eject semen over the anal shit.

Thus, a man should simply clean his penile body after anal sex woman has to clean her butt-hole if there is any cum leftover inside or outside of the hole.

If the anal intercourse has to lead to bleeding with a minor wound either on the penis or in the butt-hole, the person may simply use first-aid and stay hygienic for few days, also not attempting intercourse.

Clean up after vaginal sex

The sexual activity obtained by penile intercourse with the vaginal cavity is called vaginal sex. This is the only possible intercourse for reproduction.

The vagina, also called the vertical lip, is the human female reproductive organ that structures an elastic, muscular canal with a soft, flexible lining. The muscular elasticity is enough to satisfy both penis insertion during sex and delivering a byproduct during reproduction. The vagina provides lubrication and sensation reacting to various conditions. The vagina is implied to both urine excretion and sexual intercourse.

The vaginal excitement in reaction to the penetrating force of the penis would simply stimulate at the central part of the vulva called the clitoris that the whole eagerness runs rapidly at the point that the thrusting force of penis could simply cut off the layers presided in and around the clitoris.

There are chances for penis or vagina to urinate right after sexual intercourse due to nerve stimulations originating from an orgasm that could damage their skins if they don't go for an immediate clean-up. It is better to clean both genitals and the surrounding skin in such cases.

Few people may easily get irritated with the wetness coming from the genital cum through orgasm. Such people should wash off the whole groin area and dry up with a towel or under a fan in an immediate manner.

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