How long does it take for hair regrowth?

Hair Regrowth

Hair Regrowth 

In this article, we try to list down how age, genes, hormones, diet and stress affect the growth of your hair, how long does it take for hair to regrow and how you can deal with this problem before it ends up affecting you psychologically.

As we get older, we keep losing hair day by day and the condition referred to as “baldness” proves to be a real headache. It is found that the rate at which a man loses his hair is directly proportional to his age. 

In this case, several factors lead to baldness in men. Here are some of the factors that affect hair regrowth:

  1. Genetics: Your hair follicles become smaller in response to DHT due to genetics. A person’s genes will determine how quickly their hair will regrow. 
  1. Sex: Male hair grows faster than female hair. Baldness affects men more than women and this happens as hormone levels change over a man's lifetime, and especially in the later years.
  1. Age: Hair regrowth is fastest between the ages of 15 and 30. As we age, the rate of hair regrowth also slows down and hair strands become smaller. The coarse hair of a young adult eventually becomes less pigmented and thin.
  1. Nutrition: Proper nutrition is vital for hair regrowth and maintenance of healthy hair. A lack of the right nutrients may slow down hair regrowth or even aggravate the current condition.

How Long Does it Take for Hair Regrowth?

The answer to the question is not black and white. There are no set time limits or specified time periods for hair regrowth. You can't just sit back and expect your hair to grow at some point without any effort on your part. The general time required for hair regrowth differs from person to person depending on several factors, such as age at which you started losing your hair, the severity of the condition, heredity, other health ailments, stress, etc.

The amount of time it takes for hair regrowth after a hair transplant depends on the extent of the procedure. In a traditional hair transplant, about 50-150 individual hair grafts are harvested from the sides or back of the scalp. This small number of hair grafts is typically transplanted into a large "dummy" area created by a surgeon, which typically contains about 2000-4000 grafts. 

After a hair transplant, the grafts will grow normally and will continue to produce gradual growth over the next year or two. It usually takes about 8 to 9 months for all these grafts to grow enough to be visible. In the meantime, the patient is usually required to wear a temporary hairpiece until any new growth becomes visible.

Tips to Naturally Regrow Hair

If years of anxiety, stress and tension has made you go bald, there are natural remedies that can help you regrow your hair.

The following natural ingredients can help regrow hair naturally:

  1. Basil: Basil stimulates blood circulation and helps prevent hair loss while promoting hair growth. Warm a few tablespoons of basil leaves in a pan and apply the mixture to your scalp. Cover your head with a shower cap and wrap a hot towel around it. Leave it on for an hour and then wash your hair. Drink a cup of basil tea every day for visible results.
  1. Rosemary: Rosemary helps stimulate the scalp for faster hair growth. This herb also gives a boost to hair follicles to promote healthy hair development. Add a few drops of rosemary essential oil to a bottle of shampoo and use it regularly for a month to see visible results.
  1. Henna: Mix 2 tsp of henna with 1 tsp of rosemary oil, 1 tsp of coconut oil or olive oil/honey/aloe vera gel and 1 tsp of castor oil. Apply the mixture to your hair before shampooing and let these natural ingredients do wonders for your scalp and hair.

In the western world, men are obsessed with their hair. In contrast to women, who love to change their hairstyles and colour, men tend to have a less flexible mindset about hair – texture, colour – and growth. Having a bald head or losing hair is not the desired outcome for a man – a fact borne out by the growth of the hair care industry.

The market for hair care products for men is huge. In India alone, men spend hefty amounts per annum on various treatments for male pattern baldness and thinning hair. These treatments range from massaging oils into the scalp to regular trips to salons for laser treatment.

However, the ubiquitous and fast-paced hair care products claim to do wonders but are packed with chemicals and harmful ingredients that can worsen your condition. Therefore, always lookout for products that are clinically tested and contain natural ingredients that can help your hair grow healthily.

Take Away

Hair loss is common among both men and women, but it affects men much more. The main reasons for hair loss are genetics, stress, ageing, diet, certain medications, medical conditions, hormone imbalances or excessive pulling of hair.

Hair regrowth depends largely on the damage caused to your hair. If there are not any major damages to your hair, then it might take between 3 to 6 months to regrow your hair.

Healthy hair grows in an optimum environment, so manage your stress levels, sleep well, eat well, exercise regularly, drink plenty of water and get your haircut at regular intervals. This will ensure good circulation in the blood to your head.

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